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I feel like im broke. All the disaters and killings and violence around the world. and i can do nothing on my own to stop it. To say i am helpless to help is selfish, bring a wider topic back to myself and my problems. I dont have problems, i just over exagerate small things to make them seem important. The people dead in Normwy, the wars over religion, The brutal killings and violence that i am afraid to read about in the news. The people expirencing thoes things have problems. I feel for these people but how will they ever know that? Maybe in the past humans could channel feelings to one another. like over a long distance… maybe that is the orgin of prayer even? maybe we could channel feelings of symatpy and ampathy. If that was true, then it would be true to say that that ability is gone for us (for the most part, ie we can express our symapthy to those near us). So is that why i feel broken and frustated. because i WANT to help, but i can’t. that side of human nature is gone? and GREED and SELFISHNESS has taken over? I dont want to see people sad or suffering, but theres just too much of it in the world today. We are all caught up in our OWN problems. For me its fear of the future, body issues and fear of not finding love… what are they compared to people fearing for their lives and their children and families lives. What about the people who dont have enough food or a home or shelter or even clean water?!?!?! when the 1st world is pouring tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of clean water away. How are we so cruelly flawed?!?!?!?! what makes us, us with the interent and freedom of speech, so inadiqute?! if the 3rd world (not the corrupt leaders, but the public) had our fortune and luck i honestly think they would be able to sort out world crisis much quicker. because they have compassion and understanding beyond our comprehension i believe, they are the humans not us… we are a messed up throw off of what humans are. We are greedy and selfish and full of selfimportance. The peopel of the 3rd world would not waste time and spend unnessiary money and have billions and trillions worth of loans and dept building up…. They aren’t stupid like us. We as a nation have so much, but we as a nation are selfish. Myself, i know as soon as i am done with this rant i will feel fired up for a couple of hours then it will die down and i will just feel pity… im sick of pity and so are the people suffering! Why am i so fortunate yet so unable to STOP thinking of myself! this evening i was sitting in my room on my comfy memory foam mattress, with some sweets, a warm mug of berry tea, on my laptop googleing random sites because i was bored and felt “depressed”…. what does the 1st world know of hardship and how have we the right to be “depressed”?!?! yes, we lose friends and fmaily close to us, but not all through the same methods people in the 3rd world lose them. Some familys in the 1st and 3rd world may have things in common however. The two families may have dead children. in the 3rd world from starving and in the 1st world from starving. can you guess what im going to say? most likely the child in the 1st world died trying to starve him/herself thin to be “beautiful”. the child in the 3rd world had nothing to eat….

i can contine for hours but i will end my rant so i dont bore my readers i hope i have reached at least ONE person. I cant stand this horrid horrid world we are living in. What good is there to come if this is where we are now… i hope someone understand and will perhaps continue my “rant” for themselves…. i dont want these thoughts to be in vain…

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