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Posted by on 2010/12/06 under Uncategorized

i feel so alone. i miss you so f***ing much. and you’re all alone in a stupid mental hospital with people you don’t know, no contact with the outside world, and nobody to comfort you. the fact that you’re so miserably alone makes me feel more alone too. all i want is for you to be here with me and i can’t even function because i want it so bad.. i miss you too much… and there’s nothing i can do. you’re the only reason i do anything, ever, and now that you’re gone (albeit temporarily) i just can’t find the motivation inside me to do ANYTHING. how can i go to school when you won’t be there? how am i supposed to enjoy being with friends when you’re not there to enjoy it with me?
every second of every day i’m SO close to crying because i miss you so much. every single thing reminds me of you… even things that are completely random.. and then it makes me want to cry cause you’re not here, i can’t be with you.
i think it’s safe to say you’re the reason i live. i honestly didn’t even intend for that to happen.
i just love you so much it hurts..

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