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Well whether i just made a fool of myself or not i dont care… I was heading home and saw two of your work trucks and thought chase them lol… but while sitting at the lights thought no i will never catch them and you wont be in the front truck… I had time to do a look in the back smaller truck and knew it wasnt you… but something at the lights told me to do it to chase the truck down so i did…. thankfully you hadnt got that far ahead cause of the lights heading out of town…so when i got up next to the truck i looked at the driver to be disappointed in the fact it wasnt you but then as i drove past i look back to check out the passenger seat ans thats when my heart skipped a beat and i shook with excitement cause in that seat was you my dear sweet gorgeous boy…. I got ahead and sent you a text saying hmmmmm nice ….. i then parked the car got out and walked down the street and crossed the road as you started towards me…. by now i am walking down the street facing the way your truck is coming but you turn your head to face away from me…. SHATTERED and HURT all in the one second….the Little comfort i got was knowing that you was watching up to the point of turning your head cause i could see that far and into the truck… Why why do you have to be an a****** about it….. I dont know what games your playing or why…. You hurt me so much……

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