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Sometimes I feel as she is a weight dragging me down. She tries to show herself as a goddess and we are too struck with her light that we want her to shine among others. I’m quite. I’m very quite. But I’ve had it with her actions. Friendship my ass, yes my ass indeed. I don’t seek for her friendship yet it’s there. I’m the one of the planets that revolve around her, she’s selfish and deceiving. She said that I changed, that I used to be stronger (I think she meant to be strong enough to handle her shinding that she shoves up my ass and I was a wise kid to not let it bother me). I’m fed-up of her and her thoughts about me. One minute she’s befriending anyone the next minute she comes back to share her misery with me. I still remember last year, the f***ing worst year I’ve ever had and it’s all because of her, I wanted to talk to her about last year but she simply got away with it by saying that she hated herself back then and she did stupid things in her life. I know, I know, I should be nicer and accept her regret but I don’t see her any different than last year, it’s because of that f***er that she glued herself to him. And now I have to deal with the mess he left behind, yet I’m quite sure that she likes him more than she likes me.

I am out of words.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Life is too short to have such toxic people around you. its seems this relationship is turning toxic. A relationship should bring out the best in you and if this one does not do that, then please get out of it. Leave her, and do not go back to her. She is too needy and it seems only for her purpose she is needy and she wants to dump her needs on you.

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