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Lately I find myself very unhappy with life. I feel like there’s nothing left. I’m a full-time college student with a job, but nothing else. I feel as though I disappoint everyone around me, but maybe it’s because I’m disappointed in myself. I’m not even sure of the reason why. I just know that I want more from life. I’m tired of living the same, day to day life. I wish I had the opportunities some people have to make changes to make themselves happy. I haven’t even graduated college or started my career yet and I’m already tired of this life. I need a change…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Change is an easy thing. Living life every single day the same can get boring, and really affect someone. I recommend that you make every single day an adventure. That does not mean you need to travel to an exotic place. Go out and meet new people. Take a break and try some new foods. Do something that you have never done before. Start a bucket list, a diary, or both. Fall in love. And most of all, be thankful for this life. Because even though you are going through a stressful time right now, things will get better. .X

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