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You left me by myself. You said you would be there for me but where are you now? You said “if you would fall i will be there to catch you.” Well i’ve fallen and where were you to catch me? We were always together, now we are not. What happen to us? You were my best friend i could always tell you everything and anything, and the same for you to me! But you didn’t tell me he beat you. You never said a word about your father and step-mother. then one day you tell me your moving away?! To go live with your mother. You say that you would be back with in two to three months. But when we said our good-byes you gave me one of your most prized possessions and thats when i knew you were never coming back. You left me that day standing there crying watching you drive away. I would give anything and everything just to see your face, just to hear your voice one more time. But now i have to let you go, just to remember the good times we had. So good bye to my Best Friend! <3
But i know that this, this is not the end!

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