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Posted by on 2012/06/10 under Uncategorized

You aren’t around, you never were. Your word means nothing, it’s all a blur. I gave in to you, like that mean’t a thing. You will never understand the pain you bring. These nights haunt me, I could never forget, and for some messed up reason I thought you commit. To me. This world, these lies that you’ve told. You gave me everything and I bought what you sold.

This is everything I feel right now and I didn’t know where to go with my writings. I found this website by googling somewhere to go. Pathetic? Totally. Do I care? Not a chance. I am a hundred and something miles away from home, what else am I supposed to do? Where else am I supposed to go. I need to get all of this out. YOU HURT ME. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE PAIN I SIT AND GO THROUGH EVERYDAY. YOU DON’T CARE. Most people will think this is about an ex. But no. This is much more than something as simple as that. This is complicated on levels thats I can’t even understand. Do you know you killed me? I will STAND and LIVE. But you destroyed me. Live with that.

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