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Posted by on 2011/07/16 under Uncategorized

Sick of the f***ing games, going on for ten years now and you she still can’t make up her f***ing mind. I’m not going through this again. I mention a girl and she starts playing the games every time. MAKE UP YOUR F***ING MIND! It wouldn’t be a problem if we were together in the first f***ing place. Man the f*** up. We have all got s*** to deal with but the difference this time is I’m going if she doesn’t give me a straight answer.

As for 2011 – JUST F*** OFF ALL TOGETHER! Sick to my back teeth with these f***ing wars, hatred because some f***ing difference with people. F*** off politicians, the media, the police – your all f***ing slaves to the system. I really just don’t give a s*** with the rat race. Even if you win the rat race your still JUST A F***ING RAT!

I’m out of here – going to live my life with no f***ing conformities, rules and regulations. Actions speak louder than words.

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