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SO I just hooked up with someone 35 years older than me. HOLY S***. He was 55. I am 19. He couldn’t get it up. OMG. WTF did I just do?! I sucked his d***. He ate me out. what am I even? What the f*** is going on in my brain? I mean why did I go to his hotel?? Why did I drink so much? Why on earth did I get naked?! What is wrong with me. I am sooooooooooooo glad he couldn’t get his old man d*** hard because it was obviously not meant for my 19 year old vagina. dear lord.

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  1. anonymous says:

    That’s okay we all make mistakes, as long as we learn from them, we would be fine. Please get yourself together at this moment. Take stock of your life, take charge of it all. I assume that you must be studying, please concentrate on that. See what will do you good and pursue that. Mindless drinking has done good to no one, it has destroyed lives and families. Please be strong and make a life for yourself. All the best.

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