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So after 5 years you have stopped talking to me and this time I think it maybe for good…You have blocked me on facebook… although we were never friends on there you blocked me … It was my only way of sending you my thoughts.. cause if i message you my husband sees my phone bill and s***e hits the fan….Its all too farking hard… Is this for the best or is this just a way of saying if you really want me do something about it and not hide behind a screen…. OMG i dont know…My head and my heart are ripped in two… I love you Daniel and dont want to consider life without you in it… Do you have a love in your life is that also a possible reason….. I feel so alone so lost so sad…. Starting to think life is just a waste of time…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you’re f***ing married. if you really love your husband then you wouldn’t have kept talking or liking Daniel. make up your mind. maybe he feels that there’s no point in your relationship anymore that’s why he’s blocked you. you’ll make it easier for everyone if you chose one and if you don’t get Daniel (i hope you do) then at least you won’t be stuck with your husband anymore. good luck.:)

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