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This is a past story, just want to vent about it, and if someone can learn something from it, it would be great. I met this guy in college, he just went crazy about me. He was very protective of me. he did not do anything, he was always wasting money what he earned from previous business with his cousins, from which he was chucked out by his mean uncle and cousins. He would pick me up and drop me and surprise me and do all kind of things that would drive a girl crazy and make her skip her heartbeat. So I fell in love with him (or i might have thought so). As usual guys pursue the girl to take the relationship to another level (read sex here), and so we did, and the guy was like ohh my god i have found the hen that gives and gives and asks for nothing in return. he would always appreciate how beautiful i was and how great i was at singing. I was pretty low in self esteem. I started working at a great corporation, i was doing well, professionally and financially. and HE was not. he was insecure that is why he was sticking to me. He forced me to leave that job due to some reasons and i left that job looking for a better job, and i found myself totally unemployed, my bad times were in front of me. by that time i was like totally blind and doing what he said, i had lost my brains and i was like becoming dependent on him for a lot of things. He would not let me make friends or restrict who i talk to. Suddenly he started becoming distant from me. i was like what the hell is wrong with you. i was totally crazy about him. MIND YOU, he was still not doing anything. I got a great job, thank GOD. and i was doing fine and i knew inside me that i would not let him interfere in my professional life anymore.

One day he just said that we have to break up as he does not see any future with me. all hell break lose, i was totally devastated, and went into depression would cry all day long hiding in the workplace restrooms. I got a bad bad severe cold that lasted for 3-4 months. It was like i had an emotional trauma and my body was responding to it. we would still meet, i would beg him to meet, i was still buying expensive clothes for him and other gifts and he would still act distant and different. he was not going around with any one, he had just gotten more attached to his parents. visiting them all the time. he was still using me for everything, he borrowed money from me (which he never returned so basically he took that money from me), and of course the physical part was also there. but his attitude remained the same acting rude distant.

And then one day I woke up and ended it all, no phone calls, no meeting, i’m moving on in my life. that day i was changed i realized what a waste it was and i was sooo much better than him, smarter, successful, more beautiful. So many better guys were always around me and i was totally lost in that douche bag, jerk, loser. I put my life on track. and all of this was possible with God’s guidance, it was like he pulled me out of that mess and showed me the right path.

Here I was highly educated, working in a big corporate, going around with a thin as a stick guy, who had no education and no job. If anyone can learn anything from this i would feel good. Thanks a million million tonne for everything God. you are my savior. without you i would be no where, i would be lost. Please always show me the light and the right path.

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