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Posted by on 2012/06/05 under Uncategorized

Im 25 years old and Ive been having this feeling of dying and I always feel sick, this huge sadness sorounds me I dont know if its because I moved to a place where i spent alot of time alone and I finally found myself and found my feelings from the past that I havent let go. Maybe Im really dying or maybe Im not I will never know until it happens. But Im scared all the time of what my happen the day I will die if Im going to stop feeling love, sadness, hapiness who am I going to hurt when I leave am I going to forget the people I love or once loved. Am i going to miss them. Am i going to find God?? I hope so. Im scared but Im prepared of it happens cause I know I loved with all my heart cause I laughed so hard. I hope its only depression talking or what ever this is. But you know what lonliness can be so sad or it can be a moment of peace. In my case I dont know what this is but Im sad and lonley. Sometimes I feel lost I feel Im drowning. If I leave today or some day soon I hope that my family know how much I love them. Maybe Im writing this in the wrong place and nobody will read this but this is from a person that feels that has lost God and doesnt know if God lost her.

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