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there is a boy i met a year ago, we easily became friends because we find comfortable to each other. He fall in love with me but i always reject him because I find him as a brother and a close friend. Suddenly one day he told me that he would go abroad for work,i felt sad, i felt the pain for the incoming parting time. What more painful is that’s the only time that i realize that i love him, i want him and i need him. We accept the consequences, we take the risk of loving in distance. It’s not that easy specially when i really miss him and want him to be by my side. we are on our 3rd month of being apart, and at this time i having this doubts and negative thoughts regarding our relationship because we would only see each other for once in a year and i don’t know on how many years will going through that situation . we could only be together if i follow him but i’m afraid i can’t because of my family. i know it’s not right and i feel guilty when he always says that we can go on through this and he truly loves me. I don’t know what to do on how to set my heart and mind at ease. plss help.

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