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So unsure where my life is heading… I feel like an absolute mess at the moment… I feel dead inside,empty, sad, alone,miserable,gutted just nothing….hollow…… Trying to cope with the sudden loss of my nephew, my marriage hitting the rocks and then the love i have for another guy…Plus then the nagging worry of my kids..Not knowing how they are coping with the loss of their cousin, the constant fighting between their parents and the mood swings that i am having…I just got no idea what is going on or where or when or how this will end…I wish life was black and white…. come with an instruction book…someone to tell you the right moves as apposed to the wrong….Its all just doing my head in… I need an escape before this consumes me…Before I become angry ,bitter and twisted….or is it too late…. When you just want the perfect life and no that is never going to happen….. I seriously hate my life at the moment…I need to find peace, happiness, contentment……. 🙁

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All those good things, peace and happiness and such, have always been with you. They always will be with you. You just need to have the power to let them open up and shine. All you need is a positive outlook on life. I know there are a lot of stressful things happening. We all deal with them. And we all want to break down sometimes. But there are ways to be ok and move on. Let yourself live. And open up the emotions that have always been inside you .xx

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