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I love this girl in my school. i have liked/loved her for the past three years and I can only sometimes talk to her. I believe she is the most beautiful girl on Earth and when she walks into my classes I just clam up and try to be unnoticeable. The love inside me is ripping my soul apart piece by piece. Her perfection is so great I believe she is a goddess but I don’t think she knows I exist. I have thought over 10000000000000000000000 ways of romantic ways to ask her out and have dreamed a trillion ways to ask her to dances, but whenever I try to go, I clam up and wimp out. I just want to be with her and just stare into her eyes and have that relationship where we can talk about anything. I have written sonnets about her, poems, speeches, anything you can imagine. I am lost in my love and I am drowning…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just make a move and do something about it NOW… I have wasted 5 yrs on dreaming about the perfect life with this guy I love and where has it got me…. NO WHERE…. still dreaming wishing and wanting…. and mate I am a women in her 40’s and trust me it doesnt change despite the age… If you love someone then you must take that initial first step and tell them… even if they dont feel the same at least you wont die wondering… and hey you just never know they may feel exactly the same about you but just too scared to do anything too… so take a deep breathe and say whats in your heart….. best of luck…. xxx

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