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For so long now ive been past this notion that love might exist, he crushed my heart and dragged it upon the ground, for years i layed silent waiting for things to get better until i just stopped believing. it was a dark night i sat outside smoking and i saw you you were like no other i had ever seen. as our relationship progress i fell harder than ever before . for once i opened up, you had fixed me again, i was new, the day you said it could never be i thought my world was crashing in. i bleed for hours that night wasting away time sighing . tears soaked my pillow and blood cover the paper towel i held to the cuts. i told myself i knew better . i told my self i could move on. i woke up with renewed strength and i found someone who would give me what i need and could never hurt me. i said to myself. if it could never stand a chance . why get attached to an idea that will only get you hurt . but then why with such clear logic . do i still doubt my actions . i wonder why cant the head and the heart work togather. hear i am wondering if it can be fixed now . if i could go back. if i could make you see i would pick you over anyone even my self . i think to myself why cant you see what i feel or read what i say to you here

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    Perhaps sometimes love is not ment to be. I’ve been in a relationship when I feel nothing but love, sadly their definition of love and mine are very different. I kept thinking the person would change, that I could make them see. The reality is that a person loves as much as they want too. Sometimes that’s not to the same extent that you love. Time will heal your pain. Hang in there, one day you’ll find the one that loves you as much as you want to be loved – it sounds like you’ve been down the path of one sided love way too long.

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    ur right

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