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I slept with my friends ex-boyfriend. I told her and she told me she hated me and never wanted to be my friend agian.. that was a year and 1 week today…2 nights ago she told me she missed me. I told her I missed her to and she told me she wants to be friends agian. She asked if she could stay the night and i told her yes.. She came over we had so much fun. She had my phone and she seen that I had been texting him..What she doesnt know is that we have been dating for a year.I went to school today and there was stuff written on my locker like slut,whore,and b****. Then she came over to me and said you little skank had to go after my boyfriend didn’t you? I said I cant help who I love. My boyfriend seen what they wrote on my locker. He was so pissed he told them to leave me alone. They left me alone for the rest of the day. She texted me after school and said sorry.. and that she was jealous that he had me.. She told me she has loved me for 3 years.. and she asked if she could kiss me.. I told her yes she kissed me and we ended up making out for 10 minutes than we went to her house and cuddled i told her that i just want to be her friend and she was like can we kiss and stuff and i said sure..we ended up cuddling all night and she is staying at my house tonight..and before you think im cheating my boyfriend is fine with it he thinks im being a good friend..i love him

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