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I’m falling for you again. I love you do much. The hole is back I saw you twice today my heart stopped, I always think you ignore me because you know I will never get over you if I do. Maybe it’s happening because we’re meant to be maybe I need to just win your heart again. I won’t try anything I’m too afraid of getting hurt again I’m starting to think of you more and more. Maybe I just cant let go but if I got so close so many times why didn’t I just let go. You looked beautiful today. I won’t tell you any of this because ik you don’t love me. It’s ok it’s all my fault I have no one to love anymore.

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  1. B+ says:

    Please do not feel that way, please, nothing is end of the world, please do not feel like you will not find any one else. You will find someone soo wonderful, you will never look back again. and that other person will regret the day they pushed you away from them. then they will nto mean anything and you will have a great person to love you and you will have a happy life.

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