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Posted by on 2012/05/14 under Uncategorized

for god’s sake all you morons. please don’t discriminate skinny bodies. i understand, now the rage is all about being healthy-sized, chubby. and how only healthy big girls are beautiful. ok that’s alright. but have you ever thought about the feelings of skinny girls? how the f*** do we feel when our body size is just not acceptable for society now? do you even know that some of us actually eat loads and try to gain weight? I EAT SO MUCH BUT I CAN’T GAIN ANY F***ING WEIGHT FOR THE WHOLE OF MY LIFE. i’m healthy, i eat, i dance, i do sports and everything that everyone does. but why do you people discriminate us for being skinny? it hurts. it really does. please guys, get over yourselves. if our body types are different from yours, it isn’t a reason to insult us for being ugly and being socially unacceptable. PLEASE. all of us are beautiful ok. xx

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