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I Hate Science!!!!!
my teacher is a fricken b****! she knows i hate science and her!
one day i forgot to do my homework and i barley forget to do my homework in that class(i hate getting yelled at so i try to do it everyday) she was being a b**** to me and yelling! one part of the conversation went like this:
her:Hey thats a good book
me: oh yea i guess?
her: maybe you shouldnt read and accutally learn how to do your homework!
me: look, im sorry i forgot to do it okay?!
her: How can you forget? is your head full of the stupid things you do or simply laziness and wanting to hang with your friends who prob are just as well lazy!

Isnt she just great? NOT! She gives us no retakes on the tests that are way to hard for us. Even if the whole class fails! She doesnt slow downn and her class always makes me so tired! she doesnt gives us a break EVER!
We had Science Mcas on friday and it would take the whole 6 hours. She being a b**** gaves us a quiz on thursday(she gave us one night to study. Not enough time to learn everything on the test) than on monday we have a fricken project due! instead of plahying in the nice weather im stuck inside doing my science project that everyone is pissed about doing! One time i sneezed and a kid next to me said “bless you” and he got yelled at by mrs. B****. In fact that poor kid gets yelled at by her even if he just sits down. Science is boring. she is a b****. And people wonder why i dont like it? IM SO GlAD THAT SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! also im starting high school next year so i will never see that school or that b**** again!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I also understand how you feel… I hate science because I always get really low marks in science. Science is the only subject that pulls down my overall score and my parents keep pressing me to do lots and lots of worksheets… It’s a total BORE…

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