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I’m at the very end of University life with only 1 exam standing in the way of me either passing or failing. The class confused me the entire semester and I really don’t think i’ll be able to pass:/ The class involves mathematical statistics, therefore I suck at it:/ Don’t know what i’ll do if I fail, I feel sick at the thought of it. I’m going to need some serious luck :/….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My dear friend, I would really glad once if you read this comment with a smile. See now I am working. I was a student till 2009. So i belive I am close enough to understnd your fear. I am from Kerala, a small state in India. In my plce passing 10th class with high grades is considered as the greatest achivement. I am alwys an average or below avrage student in my entire academics. i alwys depend my parents when I am really scared of some of my papers. So they said dont worry dear, after 10th you will be free from all these hazardous things. then what happend, again after 2 years there were hgher secondary exam, thereafter my degree and again my post graduation. and now every day in my life I am facing such a difficult situation like I never faced ever before. Now I am happy that I decided to look straight. I stop comparing myself with other smart person next to me. I failed in several exams. If you dont know the answers definitely you fail. Brother learn from the failure. Dont look at the pupil in your class those who getting through. Let them laugh at you. You going to get through the papers soon. Pray well. Be yourself.

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