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Whenever my Mom complains about her misery at work, I’m feeling that it’s my fault. she complains about the bills, water bill, electricity, internet, food for the family etc. at me and I feel like I am the reason why she’s carrying all that problems. I drink water,I use electricity and I use internet almost the whole day, therefore I might be the main reason. she’s complaining at me when she can just complain to my Dad or my Brother, but why me? is it because it’s my fault? I don’t want to see you being like that, being tired of everything… if only I can be more independent, have my own work to live for myself, then I would leave the house to end your misery. but I’m just a student

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t think this is all your fault, please please do not think that way. Your mom is being stupid, she is putting burden of her worries on you. She should not be doing that. I know how it feels, its like you could not wait to get out of that house and reduce your parent’s burden. Please tell her how you feel she might understand, at least my parents did not understand so i took up the first job i got, i wanted to go to grad school but that would mean more studies, no money… I earned and did good for myself. Please do not feel bad, there is a silver lining to every cloud.

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