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Posted by on 2011/06/30 under Uncategorized

My dad is sick. Not just normal sick like flu. By “sick” I mean real sick. Blood was coming out of his nose non stop last night. And we ended up in the emergency room. That’s pretty much what I have to deal with the entire summer. My heart is already broken. I tried to not cry but I dont know how long I can hold it back. Everyday seeing him laying in bed breathing heavily, I wish I could do something, my heart day by day shattered to pieces. Only this time I feel like I need you the most. Please dont leave me here by myself, I wouldn’t know what to do without you. Please stay with me. Please. You’re the only person I can run into and cry myself out. Hearing you talk could just make my day. Please stay with me. Please. Im begging you, please dont go.

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