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I feel so depressed… i m nt happy in my married life.i dnt knw where i was wrong..what i did wrong… y ths hppned in my life. i was so gud wid every1.. y i m suffering after not doing any wrong with anybody in my life…i m nt happy…
i dnt like where i live.. i dnt like people around me..they have very sharp tongue which i cant go with.sometime i feel cheated…hw can i avoid ths feeling?…i m just going through my life..sometime i feel half dead… i want Allah to remove all my sorrow, lonliness and sucking thing from my life… i feel so helpless…sometime i feel like running away from every1…bt where i will go? what i will do.people around me dnt behave gud with me.. i m missing that warmth and lovingness from my life..hw should i live my life? my only hope for my life is my baby.i want baby…i want to llive for that baby otherwise i feel my life is completely ruined… i feel there is nothing left in my life to live…bt i want to live my life with lot of love and happiness and warmth… i want somebody to care for me..i want some1 always beside me..its really shocked to c wheere my life has tkn me..never thought that it can b such a disastrous…i hope nw that my baby will bring me all that i needed to live otherwise i cannot live ths life..Ya Allah help me out…

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