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Posted by on 2012/05/06 under Uncategorized

I know I will never see your face again. Not only because school ended forever, but also because our… friendship did. I don’t know why I’m calling that a friendship. We were talking a lot. We were friends, I guess. It has all ended. No more messages. No more nice words. No more glances.
I’ve been living eleven months without hearing from you. Sometimes I dream about you and me being friends again. I’m really happy in those dreams. Then I wake up and feel a little sorry, before I realize that life is easier without you in it. You’ve gone your own way.
There’s this one thing I needed to say. You’re the only person I have written so many stories, letters and songs to, even though you will never see any of those. Even today, I could write to you all day and not lose inspiration. You always gave me ideas for writing without realizing it. I could write about you forever. I just don’t want to. I want to erase you from my mind forever. I want to forget. Fullstop.

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