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Posted by on 2012/05/04 under Uncategorized

so seriously i need to write, i think i came to the right place, i seriously cannot get my weight under control. my prom dress is snug now and im getting depressed i just need to get this all out. my bestfriend/ex boyfriend is completely out of my life. they say im to young to know what love is but honestly i feel differently, he may have been the one. im depressed because my dad and i are in a huge fight and i havent been able to talk to him and now my sister is in a lot of trouble with this boy whose been using heroine and she always makes the same mistakes over and over and over again. its like wtf does she not understand anything?!?!?! i miss my dad and i just wanna get the hell out of this place. i hate the obnoxious b****es that go here, theyre bullies. seirously my school is becoming the mean girls movie. except its only 3. i cant belive my life is falling apart right when its supposed to be getting to the best part. ugh. i honestly cant wait to be a senior next year. its gonna be one helluva ride but once i get out of here itll be worth is seriously. i hate that b****. welpppp that all. XOXOXO

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