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It’s true that life is so much easier as a little kid.
Im one of the lucky people who grew up with the parents who taught me from good and bad.
I remeber when I was little I was all about Pokemon and catching them all. I was so caught up in playing in the sand creating perfect sand castles and having bare foot races to only jump in the river. I felt so lucky when I went to go fishing and go to derby’s with my dad. I grew up around the boys. Acting like one but sometimes hanging with my mom. I wasn’t the Barbie doll person. everything was perfect! I never felt so free and happy. Staying up till 9 was like never going to bed back than. If you slept without a nightlight than you would be considered brave. I remeber inviting my friends over so we can stay up nights playing DS and video games talking about all the funny moments from spongebob and watching funny movies.
Soon everything changed in 6th grade. I however was the same me. My friends grew out of spongebob and games and was into boys and kissing. Why they thought about making out I thought about ways to beat a video game. In 7th grade I was crushing on a guy friend. I learned that a good friend can hurt you. She knew I like loved him and she went out with him so I couldn’t. I made knew friends but it wasn’t the same. now,in 8th grade I go through the halls with people kissing everywhere as I give a good book back to a good friend. day after day I hear about girls smoking in the bathroom, people getting pregnant in 7th grade, kids selling cocaine and weed. Girl’s bragging about how they had sex with some Radom person they found on fb or omegle. but here I am bragging to my friends how I just beat the elite 4 of pokemon! some of them laugh with me. Others go back to talking about boys. i never got asked out yet. I don’t care though. It’s not a race. Sometimes I wish I can go back to the old days rather than staying with the age of sex sex sex drugs sex weed! I wanna go back to the times when it was about spongebob ice cream games flashlight tag. What happen to society?

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