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I used to be a likeable girl, a girl who was full with energy, a girl that never thought about negative things, a girl that used to be.. popular. Who am I? I dont know what to do anymore, I feel worthless and lack of communication. and I realize.. I dont have a life. I have tons of friends, many many of them that None of them I can actually share my thoughts with. Nobody understands me, even my own parents. I cry myself out every night, something, something in me that Im sad bout and I dont know what it is. I feel left out.. I feel guilty, I feel like, Im a failure. “you dont have friends, what are u talking bout” Right. thanks for reminding me, Mom. I dont have friends and nobody wants to be friend with me. I was wrong, and she’s always right. I just got myself into something that Im not supposed to. and my heart is again, one more time its shattered in to pieces.. but no one seems to care. Every smile is fake. I dont know who I real am inside. Someone please tell me, someone please save me, and get me out of this walls. I dont like it in here, darkness and sadness are all I see every single day. Im wasting every second of my life, but I can’t do nothing bout it. Im worthless. I thought bout suicide, but that’s stupid and I know that. But again, my life is worthless…

7 thoughts on “I used to be a likeable girl…

  1. Anonymous says:

    i think what your mum said was quite mean. it doesn’t matter if you have friends, you can still have opinions because you are a human. i think you should find out what you like and like doing and then focus on it. i also think you should have strength in yourself, and it doesn’t matter if not much people care or understand,,youre doing it for yourself and because you want to..cos i have come to think like that too

  2. Anonymous says:

    i care and i dont even know you. you have friends waiting out there for you to find so dont throw you life away maybe your just not in the right place yet. do your hobbies and you might meet people on the way. hope you’ll be ok<3 x

  3. Anonymous says:

    You feel how you feel because your friends are just numbers that is you know a lot of ppl but none who you actually care about. A good friend is hard to find but try choosing your friends by the attributes they bring nd look for your new friends in places you wouldn’t normally look. From my experience my best of friends were the ones that didn’t have much to offer me , they didn’t live very comfortable, but they offered me what they did have and they never abandoned me. You know who really cares about you when you have nothing to give them and they stick around. I might not have very many friends nd the few that I do have I began to loose but I kno every one of them would take a bullet for me I’m talking about in total 8 or 9 ppl just throwing numbers out there I did factually count but good luck nd remember reflect to your friends how you would like to be close to them. If you wouldn’t like to abandoned don’t abandon them when they need you but also don’t get taken advantage of

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your life is not worthless. And of course you have a life because you are here right now living! I just wanted to say that it always gets better. A year from now… these problems will not matter. And popularity is not all there is to life. Figure out who you are during these lonely times. Figure out the things that you love. I don’t have many friends, but I love life because of the things I discovered on my own. Go out on your own path and be unique. And soon… people will be interested in you and how you are strong enough to be independent. Find what you really love and people that have those likes in common will want to be your friend. .xx

  5. Anonymous says:

    this is exactly how i feel. i’m sorry that you have to feel the same why that i do. please stick through it for all of us who can’t

  6. sydney says:

    honey dont cry your selfto sleep okay please dont be proud of your self and its not your friends that dont wanna talk its you that doesnt want to talk trust me i was like u last year i was crying so hard each night and saying my friends arent here for me i was popurlar but then one night i realize that its not them its me so i got up and taled 2 my friends and they all were their for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I dont knw anythg abut you other than wat u wrote out there.. i was also quite like u..thatsy wen i saw this post i actually stopped scrolling down and decideed to read it… i am just telling wat i felt..u give a thought or just ignore it… Life finds its meaning..complete meaning onli in God.. as the seasons change so does people..there are gud friends..during my tyms of trouble i realised who they were.. and i regretted not givg dem more tym than i gave the rest.. but all i can say is that past is past..mistakes happen wid anyone… just make up for it and dont ruin ur potentially happy present.. i am a christian thats y i am using bible words.. its gives me strength.. if you have Bible take up john 15:14 says..YOU ARE MY FRIENd.. even if no one wants to be frnds with you, He will be there for you… you are special to him…u cud talk to him and see..he will reply to you.. and u will never feel lonely…there is nobody better who can understand ur feelings than him..this was my personal experience..thought i wl just share it wid u..hope this helps..May god Bless you and keep u happy.. wish u a blessed year ahead..

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