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I Saw my Boyfriend Being Spanked By His Father.

I'm still shaken and confused by what happened. I was at my boyfriend's house. His father found out that my boyfriend had a bottle of liquor. His father was furious at his son for having the liquor. He ordered him to go get the leather belt. I was kinda surprised to hear that. My heart skipped a beat. I was stunned to see him bring a black leather belt and present it to his father. I was sort of frozen in place by my surprise and my curiosity to see what was going to happen.

His father ordered him take his pants off and then remove his underwear too. I thought 'that's odd', as I saw my boyfriend's c*** starting to stiffen. His father told him to bend over the end of the sofa and my boyfriend complied. He stepped over to the arm of the sofa with his c*** clearly erect and protruding. His father added two pillows on the sofa arm and then my boyfriend bent over them. Then his hands were secured behind him. His balls were dangling and peeking out between his legs.

His father sharply snapped the belt across my boyfriend's bare bottom and I heard him wince. Then another stroke and another. His father snapped the belt lengthwise and my boyfriend howled. I think it must have hit his ball sac. Then his father returned to the sideways strokes with the leather belt. He demanded to know, "Who's in charge of this house?" My boyfriend said, "You are in charge sir".

"What happens to a boy who breaks the rules", he demanded. My boyfriend said, "Punishment. I get punished sir". A few more strokes landed on my boyfriend's red bottom. His cheeks flexed with each swat. I watched the whole thing as if it was in slow motion.

"Did you break the rules boy?" his father demanded. "Yes sir, yes sir", blubbered my boyfriend as he sobbed out the words, "Yes sir I broke the rules, sir". The belt was snapped lengthwise again right between his legs, on his dangling balls. My boyfriend screamed and howled. Then he begged, "Oh please Daddy, please I'll be your good boy. Please Daddy. I'll be your good boy."

I was shocked and yet I was fascinated to see his squirming, to watch his balls get snapped by the belt, to hear him crying and pleading. I had never seen anything like this before. It was stunning. It was exciting.

His father asked how many more strokes he needed. My boyfriend answered, "Whatever you say sir." "How about fifteen?" asked his father. My boyfriend said, "Yes sir, another fifteen sir. Please sir." His father curled up the leather belt and let it fly against my boyfriend's bare ass. By now he was crying in convulsive gasps.

I could see the welt marks across his bare bottom. His balls had contracted but were still visible. I enjoyed his suffering. I knew he was suffering but I couldn't help but to think what a wimp he was. I felt sympathy for him but disdain too. It was fascinating to see him being so totally and completely humiliated. I enjoyed seeing him humiliated and compliant.

His father gave him the full fifteen swats. I found myself counting them. Each swat. I listened to him crying louder from the sting as new welts formed across his red and purple bare bottom. I saw him quivering and crying. I was transfixed and I thought it would never end. I didn’t want it to end. It was too unique. It was enthralling. It was like some movie on TV. My heart was beating faster.

His father told him to stand up. My boyfriend did so. His c*** jutted straight up toward the ceiling. It bounced around a bit. I was shocked. I was also kinda angry because he never got that erect for me. His stiff c*** bobbled about as his father led him to the center of the room and told him to stand there and think about his disobedience.

The light highlighted his throbbing erection. Worse than that, I saw a large drop of clear liquid oozing from the opening of his c***. I remember I felt angry, surprised and sickened all at once. I wondered how he could be such a sissy and not stand up for himself. The only thing standing up was his c***. I thought he must be a pervert and I felt disgusted. He stood there nude, quivering and shaking with his erection standing up. I felt delighted that he was punished.

His father asked if he was ready to apologize. My boyfriend whimpered, "Yes sir". Without any further prompting he blabbered forth how sorry he was for breaking the rules, being disobedient, upsetting his father and he promised to be a 'good boy'. He said, "Thank you sir for my punishment and for disciplining me sir."

At that moment I saw him as a boy. A whimpering little boy. One who was broken with no manhood. His only 'manhood' was still rock hard, pointing at the ceiling and pulsating. It was disgusting.

Then his father told him to apologize to 'her' and he pointed at me! He was told to apologize to me! I was taken aback. Stunned. His father turned him to face me and led him a few steps toward me. His c*** wobbled as he stepped toward me. A glistening drop of liquid dangled and dripped in a long strand below the head of his c***. With his eyes cast down, tears wetting his face, my boyfriend apologized. He said he was sorry for upsetting my day, ruining my day and he begged me to forgive him.

His father asked, "What about wasting her time?" My boyfriend promptly apologized for wasting my time. I felt like telling him how disappointed I was in him. What a sissy wimp he was. How could he be whipped? Why didn't he put up some resistance? And what the hell was the bulging erection with liquid dripping and hanging from the tip? Why was his c*** so hard and turning purple?

Then he was told to go to his room as his father loosened his hands. He said, "Yes sir. Thank you sir". I didn't know if he was thanking his father for being allowed to finally go to his room and end his humiliation, or if he was thanking him for the punishment.

His father looked right at me, snapped the belt in his hand and said, "If you have any problems let me know, I'll take care of it." I think I sorta smiled. I wasn't sure what he meant by that. Did he mean if I had any discipline or behavior problems myself? Was he going to whip my bare bottom? Or did he mean if I had any problems with the way his son behaved?

My naked boyfriend was walking away. All I could see was his red and purple bare bottom. As he turned to go up the steps I could see his c*** jutting out, bigger than I'd ever seen it before. I thought to myself, I wonder how long that thing is going to take to go down. How long will his erection stay that hard?

I replied to his father, "I think I'll go home". He said, "Suit yourself. Do as you please. Like I said if you ever have any problems with him just let me know and I'll straighten him out. I'm in charge." I said, "Yes I can see that". His father smiled.

His father said, "And you'll find it has advantages for YOU." I just kinda stammered, "OK". I glanced around to get my purse and leave.

I got my purse and headed to the door. I turned and told his father, "I'll see you later." I snidely added, "Thanks for the entertaining afternoon". He replied it was his pleasure, the boy deserved it. He said he'd be happy to provide more entertainment anytime I'd like. He said I was welcome back anytime.

I left and went home. I didn’t tell anyone and I'm still in disbelief about the whole thing. My boyfriend called but I haven’t answered. He texted, begging me to talk to him.

I think he's had lots of bare bottom punishment. This wasn't the first time. He's a wimp and under his father's thumb. Completely! I wonder what his father meant when he said, "And you'll find it has advantages for YOU.

So I'm caught between a lot of emotions and thoughts. Disgust, disappointment, shock, fascination at watching his humiliation, curiosity as to how long this has been happening, how long it will continue to happen, my own disbelief and that I stayed and watched the whole thing and that I enjoyed it. I wish I had put it all on my I-Phone so I could watch it again and let it sink in. It all seems so unreal.

I'd like to see my boyfriend again, but his punishment has changed our relationship. I'd like to comfort him and I feel sorry for him. Yet he deserved it too because he knew about the alcohol and he was trying to show off. He showed off all right. He put on a real show, but not the way he expected. It was a show I'll never forget.

I feel like I need a real man and my boyfriend isn't up to it. The sex was good because he's well built and he's hung. But I'm irritated that he got such a rock hard erection from the belt and he was never that hard for me. It seems he loves the belt more than me. I wonder if he got relief after being sent to his room? Maybe I should ask his father!

There are many options. Should I see him again? Should I see him while looking for another boyfriend? Should I ask questions? Should I avoid him? Why did his father humiliate him in front of me? Why was he such a wimp? I'd like to know more. I'd like to see more. If I tell his father I'd like to see more will I get watch him being punished again? He said he'd be happy to provide more entertainment anytime I'd like. I'm hesitant but I'm drawn to it. It's was fascinating. I wish I could talk with an expert on this sort of thing. What should I do?

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