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Posted by on 2024/05/29 under Life

I saw the Stargate SG1 Episode called ‘Foothold’. Teal’c is strapped to a medical bed. The camera pans up his body to reveal he is entirely restrained; leather straps are looped around his arms, chest, legs and neck.

He awakens slowly as Dr. Janet Fraser approaches his bedside. She says, Then we may begin experimenting immediately. Dr. Fraiser has his symbiote out, holding it in place while she prods it with a needle. The tortured Symbiote is sticking up in the air, like an erect c o c k. It is twitching, writhing and wriggling about as it is tortured.

It reminded me of what the boy wrote below in ' What Happens In A Locked Ward', when he said the nurse beat his balls and used a TENS Unit to torture his c o c k with electricity. I bet it looked a lot like that. Sticking his erect shaft with a electrified needle and Watching it twitch, writhe and wiggle.

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