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The nurse beat my balls in the hospital in a locked ward. She smacked them and then her aide held my balls out, extended in the air for the nurse to hit. It hurt more when the aide held them tight and protruding in the air. She held them distended in her tight grip and pulled away from my erection. They were bulging in her grip. There was no loose ball sac for them to slide around in. I struggled against the restraint straps but there was noting I could do. My balls were fully exposed.

The aide said she had her hairbrush in her purse. She went and got it and she used it to smack my balls. Each strike caused pain. My erect shaft wobbled from side to side with each blow. They laughed at how it wobbled and stayed erect despite the pain. The next day my balls were black and blue.

After the ball busting they tortured my c*** and balls. They used a TENS unit. The aide held the head of my c***, spreading the opening while nurse mockingly lowered an electrode probe into the spread open and waiting urethra tube. She pushed the probe up my c***. I could feel it going further and further inside me. I felt it slide up the urinary tube between my balls and then even further. I watched it disappear inside me as she pushed it further along. She said it was good that I was stiff and erect as that made it easier to insert. She pushed it in deeper and deeper as she laughed.

Then she showed me the other electrode probe and she inserted it in the tip of my c*** opening. One probe was all the way up in my shaft, the other one was at the opening. The nurse said the electricity would flow between the probes electrocuting and cooking my hot dog. She said she had an old fashion hot dog cooker where she impaled the hot dogs on the spikes and turned on the current to make them cook, bubble and blister.

The aide put a rubber mouth piece in me and closed the door to the room. The aide said they were going to cook my hot dog until it was puffy and red. The nurse hit the switch and the electricity surged through my shaft. I screamed but the rubber mouth piece muffled my agony. The straps held me tight as the electricity surged, sizzled and cooked my hot dog as the nurse and her aide looked on in delight and justified satisfaction.

The aide touched my shaft and her mere touch caused agony as it shifted and intensified the current flowing through my erection. She knew that handling the shaft would cause added pain. She mockingly asked, 'Does that hurt? Most boys want their thing stroked. Don't you want it stroked? Don't you like to show it to the girls? Don't you like to frighten them with it?' She had obviously done this before as she knew that handling my shaft would increase the agony.

There was a pause. The electricity stopped and I thought they had given me mercy. Then it jolted back on. The nurse said it was set to fry my c*** for one minute and then to pause for five seconds. It fried my shaft for another minute which seemed like an hour and then there was that brief pause. Then back to the agony.

The nurse and her aide sipped coffee as they Watched me suffer. They giggled as I moaned and let out muffled screams. The nurse said I needed to learn my place. I needed to learn that she was in charge and she would do anything to me that she wished to. She was very serious.

The aide took hold of my erection and wiggled it side to side which shifted the current and caused more agony. Then she watched my suffering as she pumped it up and down and asked, 'Isn't this the way boys do it? Isn't this what you do to it before you show it to the girls?'

She let go of my shaft letting it bounce about. Then she flicked it with one finger to make it move and disperse the electricity over different paths. She grasped the skin and shook my hard shaft. Laughingly she said, ‘You could say I have an electrifying touch’. Then she asked me if I wanted her to touch it more. I shook my head no. She said, “Sure you do, boys love to have their thing touched. You must love it since it is so hard.’

The nurse asked if I though she was in charge and I nodded yes. She asked if I was going to be a good boy. I nodded yes. Then she slowly pulled the electrode lead up the urinary tract in my shaft toward the head. The agony renewed as the electrode probe touched new areas. She paused ever quarter inch to be sure the whole shaft was cooked.

My balls felt like they were on fire as the probe was pulled to a position between the balls. She left it cook my balls for a while before pulling it along more. Finally it reached the top and both electrodes where burning my opening with the electricity sizzling between them.

My c*** opening was dripping clear fluid which the nurse said was great for conducting electricity. She withdrew one electrode and used it to trace the outline of my wet opening. The burning pain was intense. Then she traced around my circumcision ring. The pain shot through the shaft. The nurse said it was like getting circumcised again but without anesthesia. She said she might re-circumcise me because she thought my circumcision was too loose and needed cut tighter.

Then she touched the probe to my balls and I jumped and squirmed as the current fried my balls. She and the aide laughed and joked. They agreed that my shaft was bright red but they couldn’t tell how puffy it was because of the erection. They said they would give the erection time to subside and check it later. They finally stopped the electrocution and asked me if I’d like to beg for a chance to apologize for spitting at the nurses, yelling, trying to bite them or if I would rather have more of the treatment. I begged. They made me beg and beg with the hot electrode brushing against my balls to encourage my enthusiasm and compliance.

They burned my opening again and traced up and down my shaft before finally allowing me to apologize. An hour later they came back to find my c*** was bright red and puffy. The erection had subsided, but the shaft was so puffy that the head was buried in the baggy dilated skin. It looked like it wasn’t circumcised. The nurse said she’d take care of that and she pulled out a pair of hooked scissors that she said she used for cutting and trimming c***s. She said that is what she'd used when she cut and trimmed my shaft.

The aide forced a catheter up my thing and I was left to try and get some sleep with my red puffy c*** burning in pain, impaled on a catheter which was sticking out the end. They left it uncovered so they could check on it.

I remember the look of the nurse. That look of smug superiority. The smile of self satisfaction and power as she looked down at me. Her glare said it all. She had me strapped down, legs strapped open with my c*** and balls fully exposed. She had all the control and she knew it. Her look said she was teaching me a lesson. It was a painful lesson. They had taken video and pics of everything. There was nothing I could do since the hospital required a complete release upon admittance.

The aide was the same. She determined that I deserved it and needed it. She was delighted to see that I got what I deserved. She said that to me. She had that look that says, I won and he lost. Her smile was the smile of triumph. She had that look as she forced the over-sized and dry catheter up my thing. Her look said this is what you get, this is what you deserve. It burned as she pushed it in. I begged her to take it out. She just laughed.

When the aide finally finished the painful catheter insertion, the nurse then deftly inserted a suture needle under my c*** head through my frenulum. She pushed it through and up until it came out my opening next to the catheter. She inserted back in the opening and pushed it through until it came out the side of my frenulum, pulling a thick suture cord along with it. The cord was looped and tied. She pinched my frenulum and clamped it with a hemostat to stop the slight bleeding. My c*** was hoisted up in the air by the cord, with the hemostat scissors still dangling from my throbbing frenulum. My c*** was strung up to an overhead IV pole.

My c*** was impaled on the catheter. It was pierced by the cord which suspended it in the air by attaching it to the overhead IV pole. The hemostat scissors were dangling under the head. The pain of the crushing hemostat clamp was unbearable. It was a sight to see. The aide took another pic on her smart phone. The nurse's phone continued to record video.

Then the aide inserted an IV line in a prominent vein in my ball sac. She wiped it with an alcohol wipe and inserted the long IV needle up the vein. She started a drip that ran down a tube into my ball sac. I asked her if it was for pain medication. She said, ‘No way, you gotta be kidding. You won’t be getting any of that.’

With my c*** suspended up in the air and a catheter sticking out of it, I couldn't sleep. About an hour later the lights flipped on as the technician came in to draw a blood sample.

She saw me in restraints with my balls hanging out, an IV needle in the ball sac and my sore puffy c*** standing up on display, suspended from the IV pole. She looked at the nurse and asked, ‘Another problem patient?’ The nurse said, ‘Yep.’

The technician said, ‘Well I gotta get his blood.’ Then she looked at my reddish pink shaft and saw a blood vessel that she liked. She tapped on it and said, ‘Oh this would make a nice spot.’ The nurse said, ‘Go ahead.’ The tech said, ‘We aren’t supposed to take it from the penis unless there’s no other choice, like in the ER or something.’ The nurse said, ‘Well he’s in restraints and that limits your choices. His c*** is easily accessible and you need to keep up your skills for emergencies in the ER, so go ahead.’

The tech explored my suspended shaft and lifted the dangling hemostat clamp to look under it and around it. I moaned as she twisted the clamp while moving it. ‘You can take that off,’ said the nurse. The tech unclamped the hemostat and I squirmed in pain as the crushing grip of the clamp was released.

The tech checked the area in response to my squirming. She said, ‘Right thru the frenum. Nice job, You do that?’ The nurse said, ‘Yep.’ The tech found another vein on the other side of my shaft, which started to enlarge as she examined it and touched it all over.

The tech selected the vein she wanted and remarked, ‘We are getting some good blood flow here’. The nurse understood that meant I was getting an erection and she said, ‘Yes he gets readily erect. And to think so many other males have the opposite problem.’

The tech said, ‘Maybe I should put the clamp back on., The nurse replied, ‘That won’t make any difference. In fact it will probably make him harder from what I’ve seen.’ The tech said, ‘Oh one of those. Then I should definitely put the clamp back on.’ They both laughed.

The tech put a tourniquet on my thing and said that I might feel a little pinch. She inserted her needle into my stiff erect c*** to get a blood sample. The needle stung. I moaned and squirmed a little. The tech said, ‘It doesn’t hurt that much. I understand you’ve been a bad boy.’ I wondered what she had heard. I wondered how much she knew.

Then she wiggled the needle to cause pain and cause me to gasp. She smiled. She put away the blood sample drawn from my erect c***. She told me she’d be back to take another sample in few hours and she would bring along another tech or two who would enjoy the practice opportunity.

The nurse said, ‘Get the rest of your samples from his c*** too.’ The tech said, ‘I will. It’s really the ideal location to get samples in a male. They all should get their blood drawn from their penis. It should be routine. It’s a cultural taboo, not a medical one.’ The nurse said, ‘There are no taboos in my unit.’ They both laughed. The nurse told her to get pics. She pulled out her phone and took a few pics. She said her sister would be fascinated to see the pics.

The nurse examined my stiff erect c***. She said, ‘Sloppy circumcision. A circumcision is supposed to be thorough and complete. There’s no reason to leave any foreskin. She pinched some loose skin between her fingers and said, ‘This needs to be taken care of. Cut and trimmed thoroughly and completely.’ Then she looked at me and said, ‘Doesn’t it?’ I said, ‘Yes ma’am.’

I asked if I could have some pain medication. She asked what for. I told her that everything hurt. I explained that my c*** and balls hurt from the electrocution, my opening burned because the aide used a catheter that was too big, it hurt up inside too and the cord that was suspending my shaft hurt.

The nurse said she always likes to start with a larger catheter and the aide selected the proper one. She added that the sutures in my frenulum would be absorbed so the area would heal quickly unless she decided to insert a ring in it. She said she’d put the clamp back on and I pleaded with her to please let it off. She said I didn’t deserve to have it off or to have any pain medication after my behavior. She picked up the clamp and put it back on, crushing my sore frenulum.

She said all men should be clamped. Then she said, ‘You’d like to have a ring in it wouldn’t you? A nice solid ring like in a bull’s nose? Or maybe a little froggy hanging there that looks like it is crawling up the shaft?’ I said, ‘Yes ma’am.’ She said good, ‘We’ll take care of that tomorrow.’

Then she grabbed my balls, checked the IV drip going into one ball and squeezed the other ball until I groaned. She smiled and left me with my erection suspended from the IV pole, throbbing from the clamp and burning from the catheter.

I thought about the technician coming back in a few hours to take more blood from my shaft. I wondered what they would chat about. I wondered who she would bring with her. I wonder if the nurse was going to cut and trim my extra foreskin and if she’d give me any anesthesia for that. I wondered how much of my foreskin she would cut off and take asway. I wondered if she was going to put a ring in my c***, through my frenulum. I wonder who was going to watch and who was going to get more video and pics of me with my c*** and balls on full display.

I hoped they would let me out of the restraints but I knew it was not likely until they were done with me. I wasn’t in a good position being that I was a problem patient who had acted out at the nurses, spitting, trying to bite and yelling. I guess the aide was correct. She said I got what I deserved and what I needed and she was delighted to see me get what I deserved. I knew I was going to get more.

The aide talked to me and suggested castration would cure my deviant behavior of using my c*** as a weapon by exposing myself to girls and frightening them. She said she'd like to take me down the hall to the short procedures unit and de-ball me. She was raised on a farm where she castrated bulls and horses so she could easily geld me.

The aide said the nerves in my c*** should be cut so I don't get any erections to use as a weapon. There would be no more erections to display to frightened girls. She said that indecent exposure is a gateway to more serious crimes like rape. There are also injections that I could be given to prevent erections but she felt that emasculation was a less expensive, permanent more a reliable cure. That is what she recommended. She said they castrated four boys so far this year and all of them are grateful it was done. She said she realizes that I can't make the decision so she's made it for me. She said I will thank her after she gelds me.

The aide said the nurse knows some of the girls at my school were pretty young, who I exposed my erections to. The nurse is going to circumcise me and she's not going to waste anesthesia on me. I'm afraid she is going to cut the nerves in my c*** after she takes the skin off. The aide will be there and the aide is going to castrate me and make me her gelding. I'd rather take medication but I don't have anything to say.

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