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Posted by on 2012/04/14 under Uncategorized

so i may only be 17. but im in love. i miss him so much. he got sent away because his mom lied and she puts her step husband b4 her kids. she even sent away his little 12 year old sister who doesnt do anything but help her. his family tends to have alot of drama and me and him are just thinking about moving away when he turns 18 because its just to much and my family well really just my mom and her 2 family dont really like him and dont like me. but its because b4 i use to keep to myself and not say how i was feeling and my bf finely just brought it out made me start talking to him about everything bacause he was the same way as i was and he brought me out of my bubble and now i just cant go back im done with not being heard. i want everyone to realize im here and i do matter. i hope everything changes. i love him and my family and everyone ealse is just going to have to deal with it. he really is my forever. they say you well know your in love when you meet them and i did.

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