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Posted by on 2012/04/11 under Uncategorized

She ruined everything! I worked hard to get where I was, so much time, so much effort. And with one click of the button, she f***ing ruined everything! I told her that she wasn’t allowed to touch it, but then she just grabbed it when I wan’t looking and ruined everything! Sure, she said she was sorry and did’t know, but I told her she couldn’t touch it, but she took it behind my back. Now it completely and totally wrecked. I’m older than her, she should listen and respect me, yet she doesn’t. I’m getting pretty damn tired of getting treated like I’m the little kid. I’m done. I’M F***ING DONE. I tried to reason with them, to relate and give them a chance, but if this is how their going to act, then I’d rather be the loser loner than deal with all of their s***ty, F***ING CRAP! I AM F***ING DONE, THIS WAS THE FINAL STRAW!!

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