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Posted by on 2010/12/03 under Uncategorized

what do i want… i want you…. i want you to love me, i want you to need me, i want to feel like you cared, i want to know you loved me, all i see is a lie, when we finally broek up you acted like nothing ever happened, acted like you didnt know me, you said you cared but i can see you didnt its plain and simple and has always been right there in my face, yet im only just seeing it now, why did i love you why did i care, i guess its cuz you always seemed like you were there, you acted like you lsitened, acted like you cared, but i bet if i asked you a simple question i bet you would blank, you couldnt even remeber my brothers name, i still love you, i dont know why, i miss you, i want you, but you hate me, you wish we never met, i know because you told me, all i want now, is to be alone, alone for now, alone forever, why oh why do i love you so much

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What an a******… look if yr a guy girl whatever.. whoever u were with was a total loser. Sorry to say, but look/

    When someone cares about u something strong inside will tell u they do. If all u ever did was wonder then its a no babe.

    This is what you deserve: Respect, a listener, a faithful hard working person, and an honest one. That is what everyone with good intentions throughout life deserves.

    This guy/girl took you for a ride… you were a fish and there lies were bait.. they strung u along because it makes them feel good inside someone is deperatly desiring them. Get over them. Never be with someone who has ever made you feel your worth nothing. that is how u know he ISNT the one or she.

    The positive times need to outway the bad for a relationship to thrive and grow.. like a plant it needs watering(consistant care and appreciation) but not a storm(too much love, or too much arguing) or it will die… it cant have no rain etiher(no attention or care)and it needs to be acknowledged and not covered up with other plants (no cheathing or putting all yr problems on the other or the plant will suffocate) i.e relationship dead and it needs to have been put in good soil (it cant be a redlationship just cuz, it needs to have a solid friendship or compatibility under its feet to stand talll and strong so it doesnt fall apart)

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