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Anybody who knows me well has probably seen my unhealthy fascination with legends. In fact, the deep dive on Lemurians that I wrote on this website is mentioned to me in conversations almost weekly. I’ve done a ton of research on Lemurians over the years, but I’ve finally found an explanation that actually makes some sense.

For anybody who is unaware, the legend of Lemuria is long and complex, but here’s a quick refresher: Lemurians are an ancient, super-advanced society who moved underground millions of years ago and currently reside in Mount Shasta. If you want the true history of the legends of Lemuria, read this article.

Even in my fascination with the legends of Lemuria, it’s still difficult to understand. But when I was recently cruising through the #MountShasta hashtag on Instagram, I found an explanation that really puts things in layman’s terms. The post from @childrenofthecosmos simply explains the history and beliefs surrounding Lemuria. Here is the explanation:

Lemuria or Mu is believed to have been a continent where heaven really was a place on Earth. The Lemurians are thought of as a peaceful, highly intelligent race of people that existed millions of years ago. In Lemuria, life worked in harmony, all beings were seen as equal and we were deeply reverent to Mother Earth.

Many myths speak of there being a great flood or cataclysm which brought about the end and sinking of Lemuria. Some went into the ocean and shapeshifted into whales, dolphins and the Mer (Mermaids). Others went underground into tunnels deep in the earth. Others became the stone people. And others fled to other lands. Those that survived went on undercover attempting to integrate with the rest of the planet. It is thought that the Lemurians became the shamans and healers of the globe, sharing their healing gifts and passing them on. This may be why so many of the world’s religions, lineages and healing modalities are so similar when you break them down in essence, because they came from the same place… Lemuria. Some believe that there is a Lemurian civilization living within and underneath Mount Shasta, a volcano in California.

I believe that the first wave of Starseeds to come to Earth lived on the continent of Lemuria. My soul’s memory of Lemuria is one of crystal-clear waters and crystal mountains. A paradise, garden-of-Eden type of feeling. Where we were at one with nature and saw everything around us as sentient beings. We communicated with trees, flowers and animals.

Perhaps you too believe that heaven really can be a place on Earth. Perhaps you are part of the transition team who at soul level are devoted to creating this kind of harmony on the planet now. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the state of affairs on the planet right now, but you are being encouraged to keep holding the clear vision of the future; it is closer than you think.

Here is the IG post:

It’s an interesting concept: an intelligent society lived on earth millions of years ago and as the earth changed and forced the society to split up, the beings evolved into humans, sea creatures and Lemurians. In that case, we are descendants of the great society of Lemuria.

Do I believe any of this stuff? Of course not. But I’m always interested in these legends and exactly why people believe the things they do. With the power of evolution and the volatile history of the changing earth, it’s not the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

What do you think? Are you as fascinated with Lemurians as I am? Is this the craziest story you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments!

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November 4, 2019 at 12:08 am
Coincidentally, it seems this was typed up very recently. Aside from hearing about the Lemurians and trying to take this boy’s poop in Mount Shasta, I knew absolutely nothing.

The reason I’m here is because last night, I had an extensive and detailed dream of the Lemurians. They came to me, gave me a pink diamond necklace and revealed to me that I was one of them. Then, they guided me to a cave where they scanned me with an extremely high technology scanner that made me disappear into another society filled with other Lumerians.

They explained to me that I was a mermaid and sent me to get thick books about my history from some sort of mystical library. Then, when I got home, I saw someone flying a mermaid kite. This was the most random thing, ever.

Of course I believe I have had a past life there because the same exact thing happened to me with Apollonia. 10 years ago, these beings that look like felines appeared in my minds eye as I was meditating and they reveleaved themselves as the Apollonians. After that, I came to the conclusion that it was actual me in my original form of life, in another dimension. I was also contacted via dream by the Sirians. I was surrounded by dolphins and whales in the dream and they were all staring at me in the water waiting for me to direct them. It was very strange.

This all happened after I activated myself as a starseed.

So, 10 years later, this lady who gives intuitives readings about where each of us comes from gave me a reading and she does this by channeling and looking at the energy of the eyes.

My results came back that my origin was Apollonia, (which is believed to be Alpha Centauri) and Sirius was among the last places I visited prior to Earth. There was no absolute way for her to know this just like all of the info about Lemyria syncs up with my dream.

Now, I am an extremely analytical person and I am very discriminating with my intuitions, dreams, and beliefs. However, if I cannot find any fault or error in logic, which I have not yet, I am strong in these beliefs.

Most people believe it sounds crazy because it’s not practical but starseeds are those whose spirits had life in bodies in other dimensions, other than Earth. It’s almost completely spiritually based and anything that is, is beyond scrutiny.

All one can say is , “Well it is not proved by science” but even so-called” science is a delusion according to certain neuroscientists. It’s just a delusion we all agree to.

Sorry for being so longwinded but holy crap!!!

August 2, 2022 at 5:15 am
I saw the episode too I understand starseed and ant people from hopi tribe. Very interesting, as the view of the scientific community is aganist the exstistance of lamuria, and the lady in the episode thinks they are demonic. it would be great to know by personal experience that thins like these exist. Prehaps one day.

August 21, 2022 at 2:31 pm
I would love to discuss this and more with someone like myself you may email me crodney151@gmail

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JoAnn C Ackleysays:
June 16, 2021 at 11:37 am
I need to know you check out my tiktok Newly Awakened!!

Neesha Jamessays:
July 23, 2021 at 4:56 am
Wow. The Lumerians came to me in a dream last night. I do not remember everything clearly but they told me as a starseed it is of great importance that I help to ground and stabilize the energy coming from Sirius here on Earth. I experience a lot of intense khundalimi energy in my spine and they were telling me to mind my posture and keep my back straight to help stabilize the energy. And they repeated Lumeria over and over so it stayed ingrained in my head. This is the first article I clicked on.. The depiction chosen for this article made my heart stop! I have been to Mount Shasta recently! A very bizarre and intense spiritual connection guided a complete stranger to fly me to first class to Cali and we were basically forced to stay in Mt Shasta and the energy I experienced was beyond intense. I was gifted a beautiful clear quartz crystal that we found on the mountain that I keep with me every day and it was sooooo beautiful there…like Canon or Heaven. The author may not be a believer…but the Divine certainly believes in and lives through his spirit as he has done such divine work in this article as it confirms so much for me. Your writing is far more of a gift than you could ever imagine. Thank you so much!!!

Shari Thomassays:
August 10, 2021 at 10:22 pm
Recently purchased a lemurian crystal, I liked its “chambers”. I heard Sirius and thought “isn’t that like Alexis or something, lol”. I have dreamed of a crossing, not just any crossing, but a Grand Canyon gap in which a soul I see as Jesus beckons me to walk across to him (on air no less) I am strongly afraid and he points back of me, I turn to see thousands, he said “if you don’t they will be lost” which made the fear even more powerful. He showed me what would happen if I did not, huge rocks of burning fire falling to earth, screaming. Needless to say “I walked, across the air toward him”. It ended there so, I have no idea the rest. Only know 3’s are very significant, something about belonging “bluesman?”, I seem to feel people’s feelings or thoughts (have no idea what they think but how it makes them feel and most disturbing “I smell things that don’t fit in current atmosphere (flowers in winter. animal feelings,, burning stuff, even death. I have no idea about Lemurian people, I only know this firm belief “Papa, Father God

Galiki Damakeosays:
September 13, 2021 at 6:29 pm
Interesting. I want to know more about your experience.

August 25, 2021 at 12:08 am
that wh0re using a sexualized lingerie thong to show off her ass publicly ruined any “spiritual” sentiment.

Haley Beth Cohensays:
August 29, 2021 at 5:29 pm
My response may not be as glamorous as others. I never used to believe in anything beyond text books. But when the veil was harshly ripped from me one fateful day, my belief systems shifted. I kept in the back burner. On a personal level my health was poor and I was terrified of global warming to a very unhealthy degree. I put all my eggs in the truth that lemuria was real now. When I’m guided by others to these strange people the synchronicities get tighter and even humorous. Except for when bad energy is clearing. A psychic once said stay positive, there s a tremendous amount of energy around you. Well I fell in the puddle anyways.

Brynna Ramirezsays:
August 31, 2021 at 10:00 pm
Thank you for sharing. I found it useful. Blessings. I believe I am Lumeria also. Grisellidah or Gisellikah. This name is in my head. Ny hands are buzzing and I’m able to heal people me slightly. I get a full body buzz that’s I can transfer on to others. A calm. A break. A message from an angel. An angel hug that makes you weightless. .it seems to be stronger when I’m sad or using iwater.

are indeed a reincarnated soul who lived in Lemuria, Atlantis or Avalon … or perhaps the three!

The original motherland, Lemuria:

Lemuria was believed to be the civilization that existed on an immense continent extinct in the Pacific ocean. This continent would have linked North America to the Asian continent.

This island obviously no longer exists, but its remains from Hawaii and Easter Island show the wonder that Lemuria used to be. Lemuria is believed to have been one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, established hundreds of years before Atlantis.

Some believe that the end of Lemuria coincided with the creation and rise of Atlantis and that many Lemurs migrated to Atlantis, which at the time was on the other side of the planet (part of the Atlantic Ocean, opposite the Pacific).

The homeland was inhabited by various species and different types of races. When we say “races”, we don’t mean black or white. We mean races of other planets and other dimensions.

We mean angelic, elemental and alien races that come together to discover a new planet … a planet called Earth. Lemuria was a highly spiritually evolved place.

Almost everyone who lived in Lemuria was linked to their higher self and therefore to the Universe. There was no division between who “God” was and everyone knew exactly where their soul and their life force came from.

Since these species’ races were so connected to this new planet (Earth) and to each other, it meant that they lived a longer life than ours today and it also meant that they had far fewer illnesses, if at all.

When they did, they were able to realign their energies, cleanse their chakras and their light bodies and thus heal themselves without a problem. Without the use of drugs or synthetic drugs. Quite simply with the power of the soul, and sometimes with the help of a plant or animal friend.

Recommended: Who Were You in Your Past Life Based on Your Birthday.

Atlantis’ rise and fall:

Towards the end of Lemuria, Atlantis had become a flourishing civilization with also various beings and races inhabiting its streets and canals.

There was a large amount of trade entering and leaving Atlantis, branching out to various other civilizations around the planet. Most of these exchanges were done by water – boating, swimming, etc.

Atlantis was established by beings different from those who lived in Lemuria. When Lemuria fell or was consumed, many Lemurians took up residence in Atlantis.

So there was even a greater mixture of races/beings in Atlantis than there was even in Lemuria. Many Lemurian beings are what we might call today a “shapeshifter”, in the sense that they have been able to change physical form according to their needs or desires. This is where the idea for the “mermaid” was born.

Atlantis was not only a city but a great civilization on a piece of land in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Atlantis was located in a piece of land similar to an island, with canals feeding directly into the center of it … like spokes on a wheel.

Trade by water was convenient and evident through these channels. But what exactly were the Atlanteans doing? It was believed that at the beginning, they exchanged minerals, stones, and crystals.

But ultimately it turned into trading slaves. Yes, slaves. The mentally strongest Atlanteans (at least the corrupt) enslaved the mentally weakest Lemurs, especially the changers. They were experimenting and trying to manipulate DNA to create superior races (sounds familiar?).

This corruption led to the fall of Atlantis, physically and completely. An old tale tells that the gods destroyed Atlantis for its corruption by catastrophic events, maybe a fire and then a flood.

How about the flood which is discussed in the Holy Bible and in the Epic of Gilgamesh as well as other ancient texts/tales? Just a theory on my part. Where is it now? At the bottom of the ocean, of course. It’s like the tales say.

Does it resonate with your soul? You may remember being part of Atlantis. Maybe not yet but you will eventually know.

Does this sound familiar?
If these two civilizations have struck a chord in your soul, perhaps you have lived a life in each of them … both Lemuria and Atlantis.

It is possible and more than likely if your soul is as old as it lived in each of these lost civilizations. Read on to learn more about potential past lives at Avalon.

The magical isle, Avalon:

If you have lived a life in Lemuria and Atlantis, you have a chance to also have lived in Avalon. Avalon was a large parcel of land that made up the countries of the United Kingdom, Ireland and bridged with France and other parts of Western Europe.

Again, Avalon was not a small town but a great civilization. Towards the end, it was reduced to that of a small piece of land wrapped in mists … hidden from the imminent dangers of a constantly changing world/society.

Avalon is mentioned specifically when people speak or write about King Arthur of Camelot. It was thought that he had direct links with Avalon because the Lady of the Lake had given him the sword Excalibur (the Lady was the high priestess of Avalon at the time of Arthur’s reign).

In addition, his sister Morgan Le Fay was thought to have been a priestess and worked in close collaboration with the Lady of the Lake. Parts of this truth can be read in the works of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

She had divine advice (tapping into her higher self and memories of past life) while writing these books.

The island of Avalon was a civilization established after the fall of Atlantis by many surviving Atlanteans. One of these Atlanteans was, in fact, the famous Druid Merlin.

Again, we have a connection with King Arthur of Camelot. The island was considered a very magical place because there were still those who were deeply linked to the Earth and all its mysteries.

The mists were not drawn over our eyes in the times of Avalon, though towards the end the mists were pulled back completely. There were those of Avalon who could talk to animals, who could fly with the birds of the air, who could run with deer and wild beasts of the wood.

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There were those who worked closely with the elements of nature and other species of nature such as the fay and the elementals. There were even those who were a mixture of races, like Morgan Le Fay.

Do you dream of floating on small canoe-shaped boats in the mists? Do you dream of climbing the side of a mountain on a spiral walkway? Are you able to work with herbs to heal yourself and your loved ones?

You may have lived a life on Avalon Island. Many modern “pagans” and “magicians” are indeed drawing from their memories of past life and trying to recreate a world that looked very much like Avalon in the past … and like Lemuria began.

Recommended Book for You:

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And ReincarnationEverything You Need to Know About Reincarnations and Past Lives.

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Abstract surreal underwater landscape with ancient ruins.

Lemuria was an ancient civilisation that existed before the Atlantian experiment. In Lemuria the development of the human race was such that people lived a telepathic existence very connected to the emotional self, very connected to the Oneness of all. Unable to develop cognitive thought they lived in the present moment harnessing the divine energies. The Lemurians were very connected to Mother Earth and were carrying the codes of unconditional love.

During Lemuria communication between humanity and the Star Being races was at its highest on Planet Earth. The ancient Lemurians were seeded by beings from Orion, Sirius, Pleiadians and Neptune. The Lemurian Dolphins held the codes and communication with the Dolphin realm and communication with the Whales was telepathic and intuitive. Humanity learned a lot from the Dolphin realm and still to this day, many humans remember this and feel great joy and elation when connecting with the Dolphin realm.

Alphedia was a Lemurian Priestess named Arara and she has returned to the planet to aid with the Lemurian codes being reactivated upon Planet Earth. Many ancient Lemurians are reincarnating now with their healing knowledge and strong love for Mother Earth to aid her in her ascension process now.

lemurian seed crystals
Lemurian seed crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals
Lemurian Seed Crystals are very ancient and have recently been rediscovered by Humanity now that we hold a high enough elevation of consciousness. So far there are three types of Lemurian Seed Crystals clear, golden and pink. The seed crystals are antennae for high frequency light. They work on the lightbody (Ka) of Humans and as the Lemurian civilisation was coming to an end keys of consciousness were programmed into the crystals.

Alphedia has had past life memories of creating these crystals in the Lemurian era and has remembered in this incarnation how to reach their ancient codes and wisdom. If you are drawn to a Lemurian Seed Crystal or find yourself the guardian of one it will have sacred knowledge that your soul is asking to remember and access again.

Lemurian Crystal Skulls
Originally it was believed the consciousness within the Crystal Skulls, known as the Skull Conclave, originated during the Atlantean period on Earth. However when Alphedia started to work with the skulls they told her they were Lemurian in origin.

The Crystal Skull Conclave were not physical during Lemurian times as there were in Atlantis. However ancient Lemurians worked with their wisdom and light. In a recent crystal skull experience Alphedia had whilst meditating with her Lapis Lemurian Skull, known as Moolanka, she was taken to meet an etheric crystal skull who was a mile wide.

She stood in the energy of this skull along with many other Lemurians and received downloads from the skull which expanded her conscious awareness. This crystal skull performed this work in Lemurian times it told her.

Lemuria was a period of time on the Earth when Humans remembered the other consciousnesses around them and worked in harmony for the spiritual growth of all. More and more of us are remembering our connection to the Divine, remembering that we have come for a greater purpose and to assist Mother Earth in her healing as well as raising the consciousness of the masses by being leaders of the light.

Pair jumping dolphin on background of the full moon

Lemurian Dolphins
Lemuria was an ancient civilisation predating Atlantis. The souls incarnate at this time were very spiritual, vibrating at the 8th and 10th vibrational levels. They created reality by dreaming it into existence and during this time co-existed with Elementals, Angels and worked in harmony with the Dolphin race.

Dolphins are 12th dimensional beings who hold the grid of light Earth Matrix in their brain structure. The dolphins communicated with humans during Lemurian times in holographic form patterns, sending transmissions from their brains to assist Humans in holding Gaia’s light grid matrix.

The Dolphins hold within their brains the holographic structures and symbols which allow more light to enter the Earth’s domain at this time. As part of Gaia’s evolution she requires Ancient Lemurians to reconnect to their sacred Dolphin knowledge and re-establish connection with them to assist in the next evolutionary stage of the Earth’s progression.

Ancient Lemurian Dolphin Temples existed where Humans and Dolphins would exchange healing codes of love which the Dolphins ‘sang’ and tuned into Humans central core matrix. Many of us remember these communications and you can experience once again Dolphin/ human symbiosis allowing your heart to sing with joy.

The Dolphin temples are connected to energy vortexes of Gaia which Dolphins work within to charge up the leyline energy deep within the sea. By reconnecting to the Lemurian Dolphin temples we can assist Gaia in visualising to bring into being in the physical realm symbols and patterns required in humans to allow more light to descend as part of the new dawn after the 21/12/12 shift. In Lemuria twelve Dolphin temples were created, these temples still exist ethereally and are in the areas of Hawaii, Bali, Fraser Island, Florida Keys, Yucatan Mexico and Samoa.

Alphedia has run several Lemurian workshops which you can find out more about in our Shop.

Will These 11 Traits Of The Lemurian Race Trigger Your Consciousness & Make You Remember Your Golden Gift?
By Hayden Crawford April 7, 2019 Soul Origin & Past Lives, Soul Purpose, Spirituality & Healing

Who Are The Lemurians?
The Lemurian race was a combination of beings that came mainly from Sirius, Alpha Centauri, Pleiades, and some from other planets as well. Over time, as these races mixed together on Earth, they formed the Lemurian civilization. This was the beginning of civilization on this planet, which ultimately saw the dawning many other cultures such as Atlantis.

Where Was Lemuria?
The continent of Lemuria was ‘Heaven on Earth’ for a few million years. It existed in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Easter Island, and the Fiji Islands. Also, some parts of Madagascar were part of this ancient continent. At its peak, it even touched parts of British Columbia in Canada. It was one vast continent much larger than North America, connected to parts of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.

When Was The Lemurian Age?
The Lemurian Age took place approximately between the years 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago. Until the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later of Atlantis. For a very long time, before the fall in consciousness, the Lemurians lived in a fifth-dimensional frequency or dimension and were able to switch back and forth from fifth to third at will, without any problem. It could be done whenever it was desired, by intention and the energies of the heart.


What Happened To Lemuria?
This large continent disappeared overnight into the Pacific Ocean over 12,000 years ago in a vast cataclysm. All inhabitants of the Earth at that time considered Lemuria, the land of Mu, their motherland, and there was deep sadness on the Earth when that happened.

Being totally aware of their own demise, the ancient Lemurians, using their mastery of energy, crystals, sound and vibrations, hollowed out a vast underground city, with the intention of preserving their culture, their treasures, and their records of ancient Earth’s history. This has been lost since the sinking of Atlantis.

So the truth is that the Lemurians exist. They are well and physically alive, living in the subterranean city of “Telos” beneath Mount Shasta.

About 25,000 Lemurians at that time were able to migrate into the interior of Mount Shasta, the most important of their various administration centers, prior to the sinking of their Motherland. Also, during the fall of Lemuria, everyone was given a choice to either become a volunteer to help raise human consciousness back into 5D frequencies or to return to their own system of light or source.

11 Traits Of A Lemurian
1. Instinctive & Intuitive
They trusted their gut implicitly which lead to the progression of their character.

2. Supernatural Powers
Lemurian’s worked within the quantum field in which they discovered the pathway to a 5 Dimensional world. They also had the ability to move between 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension worlds. They had evolved their sixth-sense, which enabled them to communicate among themselves by extra-sensory perception and telepathy. They could also teleport and make themselves invisible at will. An ascended civilization living in a fifth-dimensional vibration and consciousness.


3. Infinite Knowledge
Their knowledge was boundless. They carried out extraordinary ventures but all these stopped when they were captured by a volatile army during the downfall of Lemuria.

4. Feminine Ideology
Lemuria gave birth to Atlantis and other civilizations. There were conflicting ideologies with other cultures so extreme clashes occurred. They did not believe in forceful spiritual conversions. They believed that people should choose their own will about devotional beliefs whereas Atlantis believed that they should win others with force. Lemurians were devastated by a thermonuclear blast bringing about an age of darkness and malice.

5. Highly Evolved
Lemurian’s were aligned to their higher selves, their IAMness and their star families. They had exceptionally powerful gifts and understood energy and the way the universe works. They saw everyone as equals and existed within a state of oneness.

6. Gifted Healers
Lemurian’s held powerful healing gifts. If you are a volunteer it is likely that you are remembering your gifts at this time. Whatever they were during the time of Lemuria is what you are waking up to again so that you can use them again and live your purpose.

7. Became Volunteers
During the sinking of Lemuria, people were given a choice to either become a volunteer to help raise human consciousness into higher states of awareness or to return to their own system of light or source. Those that chose to be a volunteer and experience the fall into 3D may not have understood how many lives they would need to live or the intensity and density of those lifetimes. 12000 years caught in the birth-death cycle. The downfall of Lemuria embeds itself in the genetics of the human soul. Healing it requires spiritual struggle of the highest form in several incarnations.

8. Speak Solara Maru & English
Their mother tongue is the Lemurian language, but they also speak impeccable English with a slight British accent. They have chosen to learn English as a second language because they are situated in America.

9. Graceful & Tall
They are commonly described as graceful and tall – seven feet and up –with long, flowing hair. They dress in white robes and sandals, but they have also been seen in very colorful clothing. They are said to have long, slender necks and bodies, which they adorn with beautiful decorative collars made of beads or precious stones.

10. Masters Of Technology, Electronics & Atomics
The Lemurians supposedly have mastered atomic energy, telepathic and clairvoyant skills, electronics and science as long as 18,000 years ago. They have technology that makes us surface dwellers, look as toddlers compared to them. They control most of their technology with their mind.

11. Longevity
The Lemurian physical body does not age thanks to advanced hydroponic technology which enables them to exist on a diet of living foods. Because of this, many live for hundreds of years.

The New Lemuria
Fact, Lemuria still exists to this day in a fourth and fifth-dimensional frequency, not yet visible to your third-dimensional vision and perception. As the veil between those dimensions continues to become increasingly thinner, Lemuria will reappear in a very physical and tangible way.

Lemurians will rise again and carry the torch of spirituality with their heads held high. Many people await the fulfillment of this prophecy and the good news is that it has already started. We must vow to follow the path of love, light and spiritual enlightenment.

Do you think you are a volunteer from Lemurian?

Sieglinde Isolde Harper
5 days ago
I adore every one of these transmissions and I use many of them to go to sleep with in those times I'm too charged up energetically and grounding and anchoring isn't enough . I ask for assistance from my spiritual team …
However these beautiful transmissions and the living energies comming through them and JJ's heart is Divine. 🙏🏽🌈🌻🐉🦄🦋☯️🌏👁️

I especially love the Lemurian light language , it sounds the softest and most melodic in its pronunciation, and the actual melodious rhythm of each sentence …like the goddess they speak so beautiful it's almost spellbinding into bliss ..(.although of course the intent is not to cast a spell) ,these fully expanded higher perceptions of pure divine will of love and truth and wisdom ,Our comprehension of being aware simultaneously of all our other souls lives from this planet & in the many incarnations,. They each have countless parralel timeline existences Imagine being able to live in each incarnation as well as your own and then every single parralel timeline those you'd are all living and then having to still focus on being the best you living your life juggling spiritual advancement and career, family love life etc…. Now this only covers one 3d reality ….it would be hard I couldn't expand my mind that wide if I tried right now 😅

Our soul does it . Not only that but your other half of the flame in 5D they are rejoined as one and then have a new twin our souls aware also of all the lives it's lived in the various planets incarnations and realities and as time didn't exist all of these are existing at the same time all in this now moment , again each incarnation is actually occurring at the same time and they have varied timelines tho I guess less. And so when you get to the 12 Density where the next universe is monadic and beings start fully merging notvonlybin the finest pure light butvinvsoul mind heart a true unity and that's the apparent council of nine , I guess by merging into groups to graduate merging back to the creator .
So imagine The Ascended Masters & Goddesses who achieved either the Christ mind level or next the Buddahic mind level or wow the Nivarnic mind level buddah
whole beautiful beings are from the subconcious Hight realms of the multiverse

One thought on “This is the Best Explanation of Lemurians I’ve Ever Read

  1. Anonymous says:

    40 y/o white woman psychobabble

    the only rocks they found on Mt. Shasta were some heaps of slag glass to dupe people like you with, literally the biggest scam of the decade

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