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Posted by on 2023/04/16 under Life

Every woman should be warned about this man and his so called roommate that is trying to get pregnant with his child. He dates and continues to lie to these women that he meets. He tells them he’s not in a relationship while he lives with a person that he has no plans on leaving. He’s been with her for three years cheating. He continues to play her and other women that fall into his web of lies. He uses women for sex very well knowing he doesn’t want a long term relationship with them. The girl he lives with will not stop at any cost to harm anyone that becomes between him and her.

People need to be warned about this guy because they think they are getting into something serious and they are just being used. His “roommate” has killed not only a dog but puppies. She tossed the dog across the yard, throwing it onto the ground very hard. They let the dog suffer during pregnancy and after. These are not good people.

I want to tell everyone their names and make them aware of their actions and what they are capable of. They won’t stop.

One thought on “Every woman should be warned about this guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    They’re pure evil! I hope they die

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