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Posted by on 2023/02/28 under Life

I came to you wounded, we hadn't aseen each other in years
it was like coming home. But you were cold, and arrogant, full of yourself
and as I spoke over time, brother to brother, now grown men,
I'd realized I'd made a mistake
trusting you would lead to betrayal.
Childhood apparently never really ended for you; you hadn't actually grown inside,
still a child trying to make sense of the world in the most
desperate way you could, black sheep
but you betrayed left and right, and thought yourself so, so clever
everyone was always a step or two behind you
only because they never realized you were potentially conning everyone.
And here I was, divulging to you
like an idiot. Life had beaten me in a myriad ways,
and here were you to ridicule, to smirk, sneer
leer and laugh with your smug superiority
little wifey by your side
a sweet,simple woman,a demure timid woman who'd look up to you
you wouldn't have anything less than a
Soon, you were talking s*** about me behind my back
–Did you honestly think I wouldn't know?
You shared my sorrows with your friends; a conquest,
you out-manned me, your older brother
but I'd never seen us as involved in a competition
of any kind
maybe when we were kids, years ago
but I'd left behind childish things
to adapt and adjust to a world far beyond my grasp
to grow

You haven't changed at all. Blackest sheep.
You smeared me among friends and family
Yet I knew your secret
and sought no points in a game of your own making
–I left games behind long, long ago.
I guess you win, you self-centered a******
Win away
All I wanted was a brother.

2 thoughts on “Snake For Family

  1. Anonymous says:

    Older bothers are always the worst.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They are always with their jealousy and you would think that being the older brother they would have their s*** together or not feel so inferior, and jealous. I’ve known older brothers that betray their parents, siblings and wife’s. The wife’s always stay around but that doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to put up with the toxic older brother.

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