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Posted by on 2023/02/18 under Life

[Open Letter of Concern and Warning from Your Fans to Ani DiFranco.]

Dear Ani DiFranco:

Sasha Ellington is stalking you.

Sasha Marcella Ellington of Canyon Lake, Texas / San Francisco, California / Arizona / USA has recently moved to New Orleans, Louisiana USA.

Sasha Ellington is dangerous.

Sasha Ellington is telling everyone she is obsessed with you, Ani.

Sasha Ellington is following you closely around the world, and stalking you.

Sasha Ellington is telling people you and her are secret lovers and secret girlfriends. Sasha Ellington is a STALKER and Sasha’s mind is not healthy.

Sasha Ellington talks to crystals and Sasha thinks Ani DiFranco is sending Sasha secret messages by secret signs and codes. Many people have seen this mentally ill condition of Sasha’s. It is not safe.

Dear Ani DiFranco, keep Sasha Ellington away from your children.

Sasha Ellington has been seen trying to get past SECURITY and get close to your children at concerts.

We are your concerned fans from around the world. Many of us have gotten together and decided we must warn you and the rest of the world publicly about Sasha Ellington, before something very bad happens. This is a public concern and a public notice.

This is so Sasha Ellington knows many people are watching her from around the world. Many people are discussing Sasha Ellington and how to protect others from her; so Sasha can commit no more crimes, acts of violence, threaten any more kind and nice people, or harm anyone else.

Sasha Ellington has moved to New Orleans and is harming people in New Orleans now.

Ani, this is serious, keep yourself and your children SAFE.

Mike Napolitano, please keep Sasha Ellington away from Ani DiFranco and your children.

Keep Security WATCHFUL at every concert. Do not let Sasha Ellington backstage. Do not let Sasha Ellington near your children.

Sasha Ellington is a STALKER and a true danger to yours and others’ safety.

Sasha Ellington is full of masked anger and hatred and unwarranted revenge. Sasha enjoys hurting people. Many have witnessed this. Sasha is cruel and sick, and Sasha has threatened lives and to kill. We are afraid of violence by Sasha Ellington.

Multiple people have witnessed Sasha’s unwell mind and stalking behavior. Many others around the world are one-by-one becoming victims of Sasha Marcella Ellington. Now Sasha’s many victims are talking, plus the many concerned and caring fans of Ani DiFranco are speaking up, because Sasha is scamming, terrifying, and threatening innocent people and targeting those who do not yet know how malevolent Sasha Ellington is. When they find out, it is too late.

Sasha Ellington is sick-in-the-brain and a dangerous person.


As Ani DiFranco fans, we want to spread love.

But part of love is protecting others from future harm.

Please learn from history that some fans become obsessional and dangerous. They are not well in the brain. They are vengeful and harm. Don’t let history strike again. Don’t take warning signs lightly.

Concerned (Very Concerned) World Fans of Ani DiFranco.

4 thoughts on “WARNING! Sasha Ellington — Stalker and Harming Innocent People. [Open Letter of Concern and Warning from Your Fans to Ani DiFranco.]

  1. Worried and scared of Crazy Sasha Ellington says:

    I knew Sasha Ellington in California.

    Sasha Ellington left California and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to stalk Ani DiFranco.

    Sasha is obsessed with Ani DiFranco in a sick way.

    Sasha Ellington is a master liar, con artist, and backstabber. Sasha did all of this in California.

    Sasha pretends to be the victim in her made-up stories, when Sasha is really taking advantage of many people that Sasha meets. Everyone that encounters Sasha needs to be warned for their own safety.

    If you listen to Sasha’s dishonest stories, and see through her lies, you will realize people who help this fake-victim Sasha usually become the victim themselves and can get seriously burned.

    I am scared of Sasha.

    Sasha Ellington makes me very, very afraid. Because Sasha Ellington is literally crazy.

    Listen to how Sasha talks about and badmouths other people, and if you read between the lines, you can see through her lies and fake-victimhood. Sasha’s pity-party stories are fake. If you are not careful, and fall for Sasha’s lies, Sasha will use you and backstab you.

    Sasha Ellington left California to terrorize New Orleans.

    New Orleans watch out!

    I am very, very scared for Ani DiFranco.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You sound delusional.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is good that people are getting together to warn others about Sasha Ellington. She did similar crap to me. She’s a conniving bulls***ter.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Damn Sasha Ellington b**** smoked all my weed!

    Don’t let this user loser anywhere near your stuff!

    Sasha Ellington will drain you dry.

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