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Posted by on 2022/07/19 under Life

I see now what you did. Made it look like I was the one that did you wrong. Not sure how your friends believed you. You devised a plan to make it look like we had something where there wasn’t anything at all. I didn’t talk to you, see you in person there were also never any feelings exchanged. While mine was meaningless words written to get past a point in my life yours were just to intentionally hurt me. What rip my family in half? I’ve heard about how you were still with her and everything going good as you continuously tried to make me look like a home wrecker. That’s why I get all this hate, poor you once again and I’m the “bad guy”. What a typical male thing to do, woman bad and man good. Just shows how easily you can fool people and you’re not the fool at all. You really showed us all, congratulations.
What you don’t understand is that I needed to focus whatever I was going through in a completely inappropriate way. I’m sure your girl was in on it. Going around helping you spread lies about me. You did it again you demoralized me, hurt me and made your friends not like me. Not that I care but you did what you intended to do. Oh yeah, that’s right but I should care, right, because I’m the one that cares about what everyone thinks. If your nasty, truly just down right cruel and manipulative ways haven’t gotten to me yet do you think that’s completely true. You’ve had people come up to me in random places just to say mean comments to me. I’ve been ganged up on the internet more times then I can count. None of them get what you planned or understand why but here they are believing you. Go you, you really and a horrible person!

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