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Posted by on 2022/06/29 under Life

To the girl who sat beside me in the tuition classes –
Fuq you bish!! How dare you call me dumb in front of everyone?? Just because I am friendly to you, doesn't mean you can call me whatever you want , BE IN YOUR FUQING LIMITS, YOU MOTHAFUQER!!!! " BEcAuSe Of HeR, I AlSo GoT InDuCeD WiTh HeR DuMbNeSs, NoW I FeEl Dumb AnD aM nOt aBlE tO dO pRoBlEmS Or QuEsTiOnS"… Who tf do you think you are, you hoe!!!! Bloody obsessed tiny lil clingy slut and hoe…. I so FUQING hate you right now!!!!!!!
– your smart and cool benchmate .
Peace out!!

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