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Write your thoughts/feelings here…I was just thinking about my life..who i am, the person i am now. I have feelings of being afraid a lot of my life. I can remember being a happy child up to the age of six. I started school when i was six years old. I had to walk to school along with my brothers.I walked probably a mile to school. It seens like a long ways when you are six. There was no buses that ran to pick us up. I walked in the hot sun, pouring down rain and the freezing cold. My parents didnt drive, that was a bad thing. The school was a little white building and all the grades was in the same room. I remember this old pot belly store in the school room. The older boys would come in early to build a fire before school started.I remember learning to write my name at that little school.The teacher had a little room that she would prepare us something to eat for lunch. I can remember Milk in a glass bootle the red writing on the bottle.The teacher would give us rasins to eat with our milk.The older boys would go to the neighbors and draw water from the well for us to drink. The water tasted so good when i was thristy, The water was so cold.I didnt learn very much that year.We had a outside to use when we had to pee. I was always afraid to go to the outhouse it was up on a hill with trees all around it.Taking old newspapers or brown bags torn into pieces to wipe your butt.I remember winning a halloween costume pagent, for the prettist costume. It was a plasic girl face. I dont know where mom got it from. Boy was i ever so proud..i won something they thought i was pretty. yeah right.{ i will stop here for now,,,be back tomorrow]

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