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Posted by on 2011/06/03 under Uncategorized

I’ve been thinking about the same guy for 6 years….6 long years! He was my professor at Uni, than a friend, than a lover…and then we split far away, but always kept in touch, despite distance, despite other relationships and despite feelings…Now I’m 25, I’m in a happy relationship, and I wonder if it’s OK that sometimes I still think of him…I have the feelings that with him it’s gonna be a never ending story…even if I’m happy with my boyfriend, every time I see him my heart will jump and will explode…but then if I try to honestly ask myself: would I have ever been happy with this person? I’m happy with my boyfriend now…but what if he comes here and wants me back…I know I won’t be happy with him, but I still think that he’s who I’m meant to be…Am I terrible? Why wasting so much time thinking about a guy who’s not good for me, and who probably has changed…honestly, we’ve probably grown apart so much…but still, I will always have in the back of my head that we never gave it a try…and I always will open-eyes dream on how would it be…maybe I don’t think of him any more, I think of an imaginary guy that now only exists in my head…but then in his emails he’s real, and in his emails he thinks of me too…and maybe he’s also happy in another relationship and just thinks about the imaginary girl he wants me to be…

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