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"You're the one that tells me I need to get out more."

"I tell you that you need to stop locking yourself in your dorm room, binge-watching tv. I don't tell you to go out on Friday night with humans. We are witches, Cheryl, and we don't mix with them."

"I mixed with them before coming to Greendale. I was friends with a lot of humans in Riverdale."

"Well that was Riverdale, this is Greendale. Things are different here, Cheryl. And that is not up for discussion," Zelda says.

"Fine," Cheryl says, looking at her headmistress. "Can we get back to training?"

"Yes," Zelda says. "What spell do you want to work on?"

"The fire spell," Cheryl says, starting to focus her mind.

Zelda nods and guides Cheryl into a focused and controlled state of concentration.

"I'm feeling the heat. I'm feeling the heat," Cheryl says, opening her eyes and focusing on the spell again. She brings her hands together, her body straightens out as she concentrates, and then she slowly opens her hands. A fireball rises from her palm.

"Good, good," Zelda says. "You'll get better with practice."

"Thanks, Madame Spellman," Cheryl says, smiling.

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