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Posted by on 2022/04/25 under Life

Thanks to our culture of hypersexualised femininity/female fashion. Every new summer is fun for others, but stressful panic for me. From being unable to take daytime shifts or go out in the day so I don't have to sit in a bus in front of some slut who can't seem to wear a t-shirt at least, then deal with the discomfort of that distraction which is made worse by my hypersexuality disorder (and a society where psychologists who are already hard enough/expensive to find, hardly recognise the problem.).
Then complain about it and feminists will blame it on Toxic masculinity and expect me to shut down my instincts somehow.

On the bright side, I'm not tough enough to go on a killing spree one of these days in frustration. So, thank goodness. Guess I'll stay indoors again for the next 5 months until the winter comes back and return the sense of modesty to the female species.

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