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Posted by on 2022/04/18 under Life

I went for nose thread lift treatment with high hopes and left with disappointment. My nose bridge is higher and the ala nasi are narrower but the change is very small no one even noticed anything. And the worst part is that when I compare before & after photos I do not look prettier.

With the price point of $3400 and the pain (gosh, no pain advertisement is a lie), I won't do it again. Well, I guess I will just enjoy a slightly enhanced nose for the next 4 years yay!

I guess I won't need to have a perfect nose because my face is not pretty enough to be known as a beautiful girl anyway but it looks nice enough if I focus on other things and the beauty is just the cherry on top.

My son fell sick over the weekend. Nothing serious but he just vomited a few times and we had to clean up in the middle of the night. Parenting or taking care of other people is tough. But I guess it's just life. I take care of you today and you take care of me tomorrow. Life would be so lonely if I live alone and die alone (because no one knows of my existence). It'd be sad to just fall sick and die away in a house without anyone noticing. So just embrace the difficulties when you live in a community. You take care of the community and the community will take care of you.

Lastly, it's about my work. I just can't perform at work. I'm dying. But I will have to try my best and continue for the next few months.

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