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Posted by on 2022/04/07 under Life

many disregard a stroke "victim" and treat them like a retard without any rights or thoughts.

I had a stroke 03-??-22 and 2 blood clots remain in my head? So how am I writing ths, its hard as I now have to wear glasses jut to see the PC typeing and hope it makes sense. Its hard … but I know there are others worse than me.

My biggist woorrry is being thrown in some damn nursing home. 3 or more weeks in a hospital I can attest its like a prison with few of my "freedoms" being respected.
I also worry about my kids casting me off to so deserted Island to die or are acting as if I am too much of a burden for them to manange. An old worn out shoe at age 58, an worn out photo of the past/ easily set aflame and forgooten ashes. One handels my dr schedules and such papers so I am a space monkey (out of the Loop/click as to what is going on or my futures destiny) the decisions about my futer life existance as they count the $$$ Cash and assets worth something to their wasteful (just trash it we dont need it ) lives.

SSI or Disability (Inceome/bills, etc) who knows Waht the future holds For me. HAving managed 2 disestabli claims myself (Bro and x-wife) the gov treats all claim as if they are Liers….. IniTALLY~ sO IT WILL Take months to prove I am wothy bbut can still think and be treated Like somewhat normal human existant but more like a retard with a bomb strapped to my chest.

My mind is now trapped in a hazzy mind that few want to deal with or aknowledge.

sorry if this makes no sense,…. just my thought of a stoke victim getting better….. I hope.

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