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Posted by on 2022/03/14 under Life

is to really a crime to be a women .I have been pondering on this ,I have been trying to embrace that I am a women but every thing lead to only one conclusion for me ."why was I born as a women ".is it really necessary ,the discrimination I face . is it really okay ?
every time I try to ask my parents to allow me to hangout with my friends and the answer is always the same ,he can do it because he is a boy but you cant because you are a girl ,you are the respect of the house and family , you have to be in limits .
was it my fault that I am a women? why does everyone wants to make me feel like trash because I was born as a women.
why do I have to think that I cant do that while he can?
am I overreacting? is it really oaky to feel this way?
why do everyone has to make me feel like I should have ben born a boy .why do they have all the rights in the world .why can they be dumb yet allowed to do everything just because they are MEN .
at this point i am gonna hate men for the rest of my life because they are MEN.
doesn't sound fair right ? then why does it sound fair to people when women are not allowed to do things just because they are WOMEN.

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