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Posted by on 2022/02/21 under Life

Day 21, February 2022 Monday
We went through things. We decided to ends things as a break. I think I'm only person that's still using this website but whatever. I am so in love with him and just us parting isn't easy man. It really isn't. His heart holds such a special place in my heart. I know he going through things and he chose to do it alone but i miss him and i regret us parting. It hurts that he wants to do it alone. I's always here for him tho. And I understand so its okay. I can't focus once we go back to school. I hope no one notices. Ry you are so special. You have my world. I miss you so so much. Your the type of person where you walk into a room and everyone stays quiet and looks at you. I would have looked at you for a trillion times and think in my head'' awwwe hes so cute'', ''should i meet him?'', ''hes so handsome evryone will probably want him''. One month. I can do one month. Which is obviously not true. Do you know how attatch I am to you. I need you, I wat you in my life. Ah just looking back at the pictures made me more emotional he's so adorable. I hate that he's going through things alone because I wish I was there for him. In my arms. Hugging him like were never going to see eachother. I love him so much man. Continue till later. Signing off.


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