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I injected him in his balls. I injected medication directly into his balls. I work with a nurse as a nurse assistant. It happened when this boy arrived at the hospital. My nurse and I were sent to transfer him to our floor.

Another nurse gave us report that the patient was combative and refused to get the covid vaccine required by the hospital. We went in the room to advise him the hospital requires it for all patients and he tried to bite my nurse. She called assistance and he was put in restraints. A vented rubber mouth piece was strapped into his mouth. The mouth piece muffled him and all I could hear was a muted, "No, no". He couldn't move so there was nothing he could do about what was coming next.

I thought we would move him to a room on our floor. Instead the nurse got a catheter kit. We tightened his restraints holding his knees down so he couldn't close his legs. She swabbed Betadine around his penis head and then she stuck the swab in the opening leaving it sticking out of his shaft for a little amusement. Then she 'dry' catheterized him with no lubricant. He moaned, groaned as the long tube slithered up inside him. I watched as his large penis stiffened around the tube she was forcing up him. His balls tightened up and the loose, floppy sac began to ripple. I saw the ridges form on his sac where it was once smooth. He got harder and harder. When the full length of the tube was embedded in him I inflated the retaining balloon and with a little tug made sure the tube was in place. His ample penis was bobbing about, nicely erect. My nurse said good he's catheterized, we don't want him spraying urine all over.

My nurse got a vial of vaccine and two syringes. She filled each syringe. I thought she was going to inject his arm. Then she took an alcohol wipe and rubbed it over his balls. She palpated each testicle and selected one. She swabbed that ball again. In the background I heard his muffled pleas, 'no, no'. She picked up the syringe and I watched the needle penetrate into his ball. She steadily pushed it forward until the length of it was buried in his testicle. His legs and arms twitched as the needle pierced his ball. His muffled pleas turned to muted screams.

I was affixed and fascinated. I watched as a little of the shiny silver needle reappeared, reflecting the light as she withdrew it from his testicle. She slowly extracted the needle as she pressed on the plunger, emptying the contents into his testicle. Her deft skill evenly emptied the liquid over the full length of his testicle. I thought it odd that his erection had grown harder despite the pain.

Then my nurse told me to do his other ball. I was dazed as I reached for the syringe. She took the syringe out of my hand, bringing me back to reality and told me to grasp the testicle first. I had difficulty since his balls had pulled tight. She told me to grab it and pull it down but it was 'slippery'. She showed me how to grasp and shake the sac to make the balls loosen. I shook the sac as I pushed the ball to the end of the sac. He moaned and strained as I did that. I was able to isolate his ball and firmly hold it in place between my fingers.

Holding the needle up against the outside of the sac to demonstrate, she showed me how it would go in the entire length of his ball from front to back and how to avoid putting it in from top to bottom.

I could feel him shaking as I rolled his ball between my fingers. She wiped the ball with alcohol and she told me to push the needle in slow and steady. I pushed the needle in and immediately he struggled and shrieked. I pushed onward until the needle was through the entire ball. I could feel an odd 'crunching' as the needle impaled his testicle. She told me to withdraw it slowly while pushing on the plunger to disperse the liquid. I smoothly pulled the needle back, slowing at the center of his ball to release most of the contents there.

When I was done my nurse congratulated me. I was stunned to see his erection was extremely hard and purplish. We stepped outside the room and I asked my nurse about it. She said erections are common when being catheterized. I asked why it stayed hard and turned purple even after his balls were injected. She shrugged her shoulders and said maybe he likes it.

When we went back he was lying there with his purple thing sticking up rigidly in the air. My nurse open the curtain and rolled back the door for all the world to see. Several nurses did pass by and paused for a look. There were some smiles and chuckles.

We rolled the bed back to our floor. She didn't cover him for the trip so his thing was sticking up the whole way. We made a little detour so I could stop at the pharmacy to tell my friend Hannah and show her the large purple shaft. She was delighted and couldn't resist the temptation to touch the engorged shaft. She ran her fingers down it, held it and said it felt hot. I told her about injecting his balls and she said 'Oh I bet those are sore' as she gripped one of them.

We got him to his room, with his thing still erect and I asked my nurse if maybe there was something wrong with it, since it was staying erect. She said we'd give him some time and if it didn't go flaccid then she give him a relaxant. The floor nurses all wanted to see the show so they stopped by too.

My nurse blasted him saying that when he is told to do something that he WILL do it. She stressed that she is in charge. She tapped his sore balls as she spoke to reinforce her authority.

I was curious about his sustained erection. Especially since it should have gone flaccid with the pain of having his balls injected. So I got an idea that I wanted to try out.

I worked again the next day. His erection had subsided. He was slightly erect from the irritation of the catheter impaling his shaft. He penis was large above for a boy his age. I checked on him and then decided to try my idea. I called Hannah to come and watch. The rubber mouthpiece was strapped in his mouth again. Then I returned with a tray holding a vial and two syringes. I opened an alcohol wipe in front of my wide-eyed patient so he could see it. I showed him the syringes and told him it was time for another injection. I could see his erection blossoming. In only a minute he went from slightly erect to fully stiff and hard while I and Hannah watched.

I left the plastic safety cap on the needle and then rubbed the syringe up his shaft and down again as I told him I was going to inject each of his testicles. I asked which one I should start with. He offered a muffled moan. I laid the syringes next to his shaft. I told him it would be necessary to inject each testicle twice today and this was his first injection of the day.

I palpated his sore balls and he shivered and moaned. Then I wiped his sac with alcohol. His erection was standing at full attention and very rigid. The only thing different was that it had not turned purple yet.

I drew up the liquid from the vial, taking my time so he could watch the drama. I squirted a little in the air from each syringe to inspire him. I put a tourniquet around his balls and shaft to prevent the balls from retracting and getting away. Then all was ready to inject. Hannah took a few phone pics.

The vial only contained saline. But I didn't want to disappoint him, especially since he had gotten so hard for me. I selected a ball and isolated it between my fingers. Then I skewered his ball on the length of the sharp sliver needle. He shrieked and trembled as the needle went deeper and deeper in his testicle. I felt that same crunching as the needle penetrated, just like the day before. I slowly withdrew the silver needle an pumped his ball full of saline.

Then I showed him the syringe for his other ball. I let him look at it for a few seconds and told him I was going to stick it in next. His erection was talking on that dark purple color, almost black at places. I grabbed his other ball and rolled it between my thumb and fingers. He shuddered. I wiped it again with alcohol and then he got what he was waiting for. I inserted the needle slowly. The needle pierced entire length of his ball from front all the way to the back. I withdrew the needle leaving behind saline as I pushed on the plunger. I filled his ball with the saline. I released the tourniquet. I saw a little drop of blood on each ball where the needle had pierced it. It was just like yesterday.

I put the used syringes back on the tray along with the empty vile, where he could see them. I removed the mouthpiece. I told him that he would have to have a second treatment later in the day. He moaned and pleaded 'oh no, please'. I said, "Oh yes, definitely, in both of your balls". His shaft was purple and the veins were bulging. I held his shaft and it was hot, just as Hannah said. I concluded that what my nurse said was correct. He gets super hard because he likes it. His c*** reacts to getting his balls injected. Hannah and I went to lunch and laughed about it.

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