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My Triumph of the Will
Some people get detached from this world because it just doesn’t make sense. We live in a world full of contradictions. These people are allowed to celebrate their culture, their history, their genetic makeup, but this other group of people are not.
Why not?
So, one group of people developed their civilizations at a faster rate, others developed at a slower rate, and some groups of people never developed at all.
Instead of praising the accomplishments of one group and trying to work with them, you attack them and their whole identity. All groups of people subjugated other groups into slavery and colonialism, it’s not just a white crime. Do you believe that Africans, if they had advanced at the same rate as England and other European nations, would not have had your paisley white asses as slaves and done God knows what to you? The Ottoman empire was brutal, they either forced or influenced you to convert to their religion, if not, every Christian bride on her wedding night would be forced to sleep with the ruling Emir. It changed the demographics of the region and also caused great instability after their reign. The term balkanization refers to the breaking up of nations, this is exactly what happened afterward. It’s just human nature, survival of the fittest, but in fact we want to demonize the fittest because the ruling party knows they can overtake their reign of power if properly motivated.
Humans contain intelligence, but we tend to forget that we are made up of both spiritual (mental) and physical components. We are easily influenced by propaganda, especially if it is repeated enough. Most people are conformists, they want to be apart of something that is acceptable by the ruling party. I know this, I have made plenty of convincing arguments, but people are just scared to believe in that sense, they revert back to what is acceptable and comfortable. They don’t want to be made examples of, like Hitler. This man did so many great things, but he lost the war and the influence of the people, and naturally he was made a villain. But they did have influential symbols and the truth on their side, so the right people would seek them out.
Do you believe that our leaders, our influencers, or whomever is in a position of power today has your best interests? Or are they only motivated by power and greed?
For thousands of years our societies have followed a common path. Do what is best for you and the family. Everyone had their role in life, you understood what was expected of you and happily followed orders for the common good of your community. It was simple, but effective.
Now we have this progressive movement that was promoted prior to WW2 and then fully enforced afterward, as if some crusade to eliminate all form of white identity, and eventually the extinction of the white race. All groups of people are allowed to celebrate their identity, they even have a month designated for them, and each year we are celebrating some other non-white group of people.
Apparently white people are so evil that we are encouraged to do everything possible to destroy that identity, that pride of unity. And with that logic, why promote other races and degrade the white one? Who is responsible for these ideas? Is it white people who have this white guilt complex, that they feel the need to apologize for the success of their people? If so, aren’t you a closeted, racially suicidal, white supremacist yourself? You’re so good, it’s not fair to the others, I need to level the playing field to make you feel special. You don’t believe so because your emotions and feelings get the best of you, and it blocks this type of logic from entering your mind. You have some type of aversion, your physical body, neural links in your brain, cannot process this in the same manner as someone who thinks without emotions.
People who have become detached from this world, when in the right state of mind, when they don’t deal with pressure from others and their influences, can think clearly because they do not use emotion with their thoughts.
The evilest man in history is considered to be who? You can all answer this question immediately, without thinking, you just blurt it out, it’s a reflex reaction from years of propaganda and social engineering.
Of course, it’s Hitler. Supposedly he was responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews. That’s another fact that you can access from your brains in a millisecond. It’s been repeated over and over for so long that it is permanently logged into your brains. Do you know the number of other groups of people killed in the camps? Probably not. Not as important, right?
That’s fine, especially if it’s true. I am nothing more than a seeker of truth. I actually believed this and was extremely sympathetic to the “so called Jewish suffering”. But really, when you dig deep into it, the facts are inconsistent, outlandish in most cases. Why do we not remember the millions of other people that were brutally killed in camps and on the battlefield? Are their deaths not just as important? I mean they are openly called “God’s Chosen” for a reason, right? They are just so special and so angelic in their ways that we must worship them and their suffering and never ever question them!
The state of Israel is a prime example. Most of you are progressive, you believe in open borders and to the changing of demographics in your country. You have been taught that this is just a natural phenomenon. But a lot of you, without thinking or blinking, when you hear the word Israel, you associate them as our greatest ally. Why are they our greatest ally? You are progressive, you believe in thoughts and ideas that are directly opposed by this state. Israel has a great wall to keep others out, they have racial laws regarding marriage, you have to take a DNA test to become a citizen. Are they not supremacists? But this same group of people promote the exact opposite policies in your country. Why is that? Maybe they will stay unified, they will have a common bond, and the rest of us will just be their dark subordinates.
There is a whole movement of Holocaust revisionism. Of course, our media calls it denial and labels it as racist, hateful, propaganda. Some countries even send these people to prison. Other countries that claim to have freedom of speech will censor them, and create outcasts of them, so they might as well be homeless or in prison. Even if you believe in the Holocaust and gathered some empirical, mathematical data as to how many people were killed in the camps, saying 5 million instead of 6 million will land you in prison.
I’m sorry, why is that such a problem, you had a million more survivors than you thought, shouldn’t that make you happy? I would be ecstatic, a million of my countrymen still alive, I would try to find out where they went! But no, you suppress any real talk about the subject because it doesn’t fit your agenda, it doesn’t fit your way of thought, you want to control the minds of the Goyim. The word Goyim or Goy, is openly discussed about in the Old Testament and in further detail in the Talmud. Basically, a goy is a “cow” that can and should be milked, according to your God, Yahweh. So, in a sense, we are all goy, whatever race we may be, we are just there for their consumption. They are the farmers and we are the livestock. They will treat us well if we produce, but they will get rid of us when the time comes. There might be difference in opinion between the tribe, such as liberal and neo-conservatives, orthodox or reformed Judaism, they will argue amongst each other but if you, a non-member of this religion of blood, steps in, you will get persecuted. If we are not allowed to research this topic, then what are you hiding?
Let me give you a prime example. I used to be a big fan of Bill Maher and his Show Real Time with Bill Maher. He is a liberal talking head and knows how to entertain his audience. He claims to be an atheist and attacks other religions, Christianity and definitely Islam, but never his own. As an atheist, you should not identify with any religion, but for some reason you mentioned that the state of Israel is very important to you and should be preserved. Again, a contradiction at its finest! But no one will call you out on it because you are a member of the highest and most protected community, you are Jewish and you try to play the game that you are an atheist, when really you are as tribal as it gets. You hate religion but you love Jewish people and want to keep the Jewish state, as an exclusively a Jewish state. Maybe they are hated by their neighbors because they believe they are better, they believe they can take their land, they believe that they are “God’s chosen” and that they can do whatever they want! I mean, Alaska would have been a great home for them, it’s remote and no one lives there, but no, they wanted the biblical state of Israel to be their home, and you as a self-proclaimed atheist believe that they deserve this “Biblical Land”! This is a religious group, you as a non-religious person should laugh at this notion, but no you fully support it because they are your blood brothers!
So, are Jews really members of a religious community or are they a racial community? This was Hitler and the Nazi party’s assertion and this is why the whole world turned against them. The world was led to believe that these were evil men. There have been other great massacres, of much greater proportion in the world, such as in China, in Ukraine, and in the Soviet Union, but these are merely looked at through a historical perspective and not an emotional perspective, such as the Holocaust. These massacres either had no Jewish victims or were actually perpetrated to a great extent by leaders of the party that happened to be Jewish, such as in the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s Holodomor. If a large percentage of the most influential political leaders belonged to this party, could it be a coincidence that they orchestrated this massacre?
Currently and for the past many years, Iran has been designated as a terrorist nation. Even though they are relatively moderate compared to some other (allied) nations in the region and have never invaded any other country! Could it be that they do not buy into your narrative, that they want to think for themselves and let others express their thoughts? They hold yearly holocaust revisionism conferences and it just upsets you so much! Anyone, person or nation will be labeled an outcast to you, and you will do everything in your power to stop them. Looks like they are still doing pretty well, I wonder what went wrong?
So, if these types of thoughts and opinions are so evil, so repugnant, why do the governments suppress them. If the people are smart and good natured, they will figure out the truth, and stay away from evil men, right? No, most people are sheep and will do the comfortable thing, whatever some authority figure or influencer tells them to believe. They all shout the same message, really most people are not aware of it, but you are being influenced by 100’s of people being paid to shout the same message to make you think the “right way”!
What is the right way of thinking? What is being promoted now, what 20 years ago was considered vile and deranged behavior is now completely accepted and encouraged. Has this benefitted our society in any way? Why are there more mental health cases now then ever before? What is the point here if it really hasn’t improved our economic or health situations? We are now offered worse salaries, have more health problems, more crime, and more conflicts than ever before. What if the old way of life was the right way? Everyone had their own communities, they felt safe, they felt like they belonged somewhere and that they had a purpose in life. As you continue to read this, believe it or not, but I respect and get along with all intelligent people, no matter their race. For example, I respect Muhammed Ali a great deal, he was a great athlete and a champion for his people and promoted the right attitude and tried to lead them to a better life. His quote makes perfect sense; “In the jungle lions are with lions and tigers are with tigers, and redbirds stay with redbirds and bluebirds with bluebirds. That’s human nature, too. To be with your own kind. I don’t want to go where I am unwanted.” I felt the same way as well, why be where I am unwanted, but in this new age, information travels at the speed of light and I basically knew that I was unwanted by most of you! So, it’s Ok for Ali to be this way but not me?
My beliefs, just like the national socialists, believed that each group of people should govern themselves and determine their own destiny, whatever that may be. Everyone progresses at their own rate, and that is fine. If one group progresses much faster, you shouldn’t get jealous, you should be inspired and compete and make yourself better. But no, everyone wants to be a hater, especially from someone that is better than you in one or more ways, even if you don’t want to admit it because your subconscious mind will not allow you to, it’s true, jealousy gets the best of you. This person had the ability to be anything they wanted, but for some reason they were wholeheartedly influenced by a belief system, that nothing else mattered, and this offended you and your belief system. Trying to influence people is hard when your beliefs are on the loosing side, but if it can be accomplished, that is the ultimate form of victory. People actually start to use their own minds instead of what they have been programmed to believe.
So, what type of society would you like to live in? What is so wrong with National Socialism? They understood human nature, human greed, human jealousy. They understood that man is flesh and spirit, but needs to be guided the right way to achieve his purpose in life. The other side, lets refer to them as the illuminati, the rulers of the world now, the people that a lot of you misguided conspiracy theorists hate, are actually the same people that the Nazis fought against!
In an NS society, the worker was respected and treated as an equal, because they are part of the same overall family. This type of mindset created a unity and a clear minded thinking that the world had never seen before! It was truly a golden age! Hitler’s rise to power made Germany, a nation ruined by war and debt, the most powerful, technologically advanced nation in the world. Technologically they were ahead of everyone by at least a hundred years, in some cases even further!
Let’s look at some examples, for instance the Nazis, during a time of peace were preparing for space travel. When war was brought upon them, they purposed their rockets into the V2 cruise missile rockets. They did some horrible experiments on some demented prisoners to see how a human body would fare in space. You may not believe with their logic, but putting down a wounded animal for the benefit of all mankind was worth it. I mean, were the Americans any better by injecting syphilis into black people for the Tuskegee Study? But anyway, after the war Verner von Braun and thousands of other scientists were brought to the US to create NASA’s space program. Do you think that they didn’t have other technological feats that they achieved? The standard narrative is that the Nazis were working on an atomic bomb but never accomplished it. What if they did, but according to their nationalist beliefs, it was wrong to use it on their extended family members in other countries. They actually wanted to form an alliance with England and the US due to their Anglo-Saxon blood connection. Is it just a coincidence that the US unveiled their atomic bomb after the collapse of Germany and used it against Japan? Prior to this all the war effort was concentrated on Germany. The fire bombings of Dresden killed far more people and caused way more damage than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. What was this war really about? Everyone knows the old saying “history is written by the victors”.
Was this really the war to end all wars? Was it a war to vanquish evil or a war to vanquish an idea that brought enlightenment and prosperity to a desperate group of people that in a matter of a few short years changed the world forever? A group of people that wanted peace but were attacked for their beliefs and exposing the true rulers of our world.
Let’s examine this quote by Henry Kissinger, a member of the tribe by the way, “any group of people that has been persecuted for thousands of years must be doing something wrong”. Just looking at the quote and not naming names, would you think that this actually makes sense? Being kicked out of almost every country in the world and bringing hate upon yourselves for so long, not just by one group of people, but basically all, you have to re-examine the “Jewish struggle”. Are they really persecuted for their religion or for something far more sinister? I mean God’s chosen taking care of the Goyim, but eventually the Goy sees your game and gets rid of you. It has been repeated time and time again. The only difference is that Hitler and the Nazis called you out directly and this offended Yahweh’s Narcissistic little creatures.
The Nazis were also far more advanced than you and your host nations. You only gave them 6 years of peace, but they accomplished so much in that short period of time and even under attack from all sides, created new and wonderful inventions that are being used to this day. To think that a country the size of Texas had to be put down by all the major world super powers and their countless slave colonies, it truly shows you how great they were. No other nation could have lasted as long as they did by being surround on all fronts. You had to contain them at all costs. Once you contained the men, you had to extinguish the idea and beliefs that almost brought your global rule to an end! So, you realized that white people had to be eliminated. You demonized the Nazi beliefs and promoted your so-called progressive beliefs in an effort to slowly, but surely, end the white race, but really any race that poses a challenge. Open borders and the mixing of races fits with your agenda. By doing this you create a disconnected and ununified society that is always at odds with itself and can never pose the same threat as Nazi Germany.

What was the point of all this? Just a dying man’s last words. Hopefully it inspires some change, maybe a passage or two will make you think twice about something. If not, it feels good to let this off my chest. I am and will always be a true believer of National Socialism, in this life and whatever comes next. I never felt like I belonged anywhere because what I truly believed was not acceptable and I couldn’t truly be myself. I always wanted to belong to something greater than myself but was not able to find the motivation or keep the interest because I just felt like I didn’t belong. And people can’t change, they can act like it or be influenced to believe in some new idea, but for me I had to always come back to this because in my heart I knew it to be true! Most of you ridiculed and despised me for this, but I couldn’t help it, it was the only thing keeping me alive!
Most people claim to be good, but really, they are not. Everyone wants to belong somewhere and feel good about themselves. Ridiculing someone else makes you feel good, it’s just human nature, it happens all the time without us realizing it. It becomes even more pervasive when you disagree with them. You feel justified in a way, this person deserves it. Even if this person is kind, gentle, and willing to help anyone, regardless of who they are, you still attack them because you feel like you are on the right side.
I went through different thought processes, like waging all out warfare on all the people that messed with me. Eventually the list grew so large, that I realized just like the Nazis learned, that this wave of Jewish progressive mind control is so far reaching, that it takes supernatural strength to defeat it. I didn’t hurt or kill anyone yet I was attacked for this. I was nice to all of you and treated you like human beings. Did you treat me as such? No, I was treated as an animal, as a clown! As a result, I kept my distance, so what, does everybody have to be a part of your club?
Mass murder did sound like a good option. Take out some enemies and die in battle and go to Valhalla. But really that would have been counter effective. Just another crazy person that went on a shooting spree against his coworkers. I’m not really crazy, I only act in such a manner when I know you’re messing with me, but can’t really figure out why or for what purpose. I now know that I have become somewhat of a celebrity, not the type you want to be. The type of person that people poke fun of and want to follow just for their amusement, to make them feel better about themselves, but really cause your minds are simple and have nothing better to do. You really have no purpose in life. What, working at a factory or an office that pays a low wage was the life you always dreamed of? That works for some but not for someone like me. I have to feel a purpose for my actions, and it was just not there, it was never there.
Physically, going against me, you would have all been goners. Some people subconsciously learn how to be quick and explosive, I learned it in a conscious manner. My mind started working differently after my suicide attempt. I learned new skills I never thought I could have! I prepared myself for all sorts of conflicts in case I got locked up, but our struggle is that of the mind and the soul!
As a rational man, and not a madman, I believe I acted in the same manner that a normal human being would act when confronted with such hostility! If you were in my position, you would have killed yourselves right away! Beverly, you would have cut you veins vertically instead of horizontally if this happened to you. Your mindset could not handle this form of harassment and ridicule! But guess what? I’m still here and I don’t give a f***! I will leave this world, but according to my own actions. I could have come after all of you, but I chose a more enlightened path. I don’t fear death, but you do. There is nothing left for me in this world, all of you made sure of that! I just hope your subconscious gets at you for making a human being commit suicide! Don’t think highly of yourself, the only reason I had anxiety was because of all my people and their friends watching me while I talked to you! I knew I was a spectacle, and I knew people will think it was for a different reason. Anyway, because I thought we had a common bond, the suicide bond!
There is no physical battlefield to be fought, just that of our minds and souls. I mean you do believe in some form of an afterlife, right? You people hold on to your religious symbols so sacredly. It’s my opinion that you, to lie to most people because you are scared of death. I can’t win this battle, but maybe the next one! After death, comes new life! See you all soon! You might not be ready, But I will be! If I meet you, remember, I will have no anxiety because I am not in your domain, but in mine and you will be fair game!

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